This is how order query works

My order SO5690. It was placed 4 November. On December Pimax added P4K owners to upgrade program. So I asked Pimax for 150$ refund. Sally answer was:

I’m Sally from Pimax customer service team.
Please don’t worry,i applying a refund for you,so i need cancel your order frist.Please do not modify your order.We will help you to restore this order after the refund is successful and you can still keep your original order/wait list.

After refund and restore order on 27 December date on order page still was 4 November

Yesterday I asked about tracking number and this was his answer:

Sorry for the late reply, i checked your order, it was placed at 27th, Dec.
because we ship the order according to the order time, i think you may need to wait a little longer, but don’t be worry, all 8K PLUS order will ship out before our spring festival holiday.

And now I not see my orders at Account page

@Amy @Sally @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @Asales

I think I’lll cancel my order and get full refund. I’m tired with you Pimax. There is something that you can do good/right?


Yes my order has also disappeared . @Amy

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This is exactly what I’m worried about with my order. I placed it around the 1st of November and needed a partial refund just like you so they cancelled and created a new order dated 31 December. Looks like my worries are valid as it seems like they are going off of the new order date instead of the original.

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I have invited Emily to review this topic.


Hell Greg,

Sorry for troubling and frustrating you! If you got the ticket number, please kindly drop to my mail
I’ll directly forward to my colleague to follow up your request!

Have a nice day.



Answer from Pimax:

Really sorry for the unclear communication. because i haven’t deal with your order before, i didn’t realize that your order SO5690 was a restored order, i will confirm with Sally. and if your order was placed on 4th, Nov. i think you will be the following batch, once we received the shipment from the factory, we will ship it to you at the first time.

He think I will be in following batch (he not sure :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) And again “once we received”. Pimax I paid for you 1000$. I want to get my order or at least to know WHEN !!!

You stated in email

Dear VISION 8K PLUS customer,

May this holiday season be full of surprises and cheers. The shipping of VISION 8K PLUS from the Christmas is surely a good news as well.

Yea very good surprise. Christmas was one week ago…

I’m very close now to cancel my order and forget about Pimax as a bad dream. You making mistake after mistake and delay after delay…

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My order SO5847 of November 13, 2019 for the “B + E”(8KX) update plan also disappeared from my account on the Pimax store website.

And I don’t understand what is happening :man_shrugging:

@PimaxQuorra @Amy @Sally @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @Asales

@PimaxQuorra, I sent you an email with number ticket.(#21,850)

Sorry to ask, i was wondering since a year, what does quorra mean? Only thing i have found on Google is that it is an Italian name for a girl…
Please help me out, to understand what a Pimax Quorra is…

Or is Quorra an Italian girl helping on the forum here? Sorry if it sounds dumb, but i don’t get it.
Maybe Quorra is a Chinese name for support team or something?


Hi Mindscan,

Quorra is the support team assistant for this community. She will help you in all the discussion or support! Show her some loves!



Oh ok. Well anything that helps is welcome :wink:


Not sure about the Italian thing, but it is apparently a fictional character in TRON:Legacy movie.

Someone was probably a fan of Olivia Wilde.

What does it mean here on Pimax forum, or if it does mean anything, only Pimax knows :slight_smile:.


Indeed, lol. 20202020

Hello Risa,

Seems you are quite interested on this QUORRA name!
But this is only a name we used for the support team!
No other meaning you can link to any Italian girl~ :rofl:

Have a nice day!



PS: My orders are also showing up again, thanks @PimaxQuorra !


I am so sorry , the system have problem ,couple days before, did they contact you, did you get your refund, I am here to follow up. Thanks.

Wound you please kindly provide your order information or ticket , so we can assist you , thanks.

Thank you for your information, did any of our team member contact you ? Thanks.

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Yes, everything is fine, my order is displayed again.
Pimax Quorra helped in this topic:

Thanks for the care :yum: :+1:

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I am glad to hear that , thanks.

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