Thin Leather Foam for Comfort Kit?!? We need one!

What ever happened to the plans for Pimax to release leather foam for the comfort kit?

I know there’s one at VR Must, but their “thin” one is 19mm thick and is too thick for my liking. Theres needs to be an option for a thinner one like the original foam 11mm and the thicker on to match

Please someone get VR Cover on it or Pimax!



You know what’s crazy… I tried the VR Must Thin and Thick foams and they’re both really thick.

Then i never bothered to try one i got from aliexpress with the 2 pieces… (,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_)

It ends up not only is this about 5mm thinner than the “thin” model from VR Must, but it also feels alot better to me. I’m going to try it today… I didnt like the way it came in 2 pieces originally but i feel like it deserves me giving this one a try anyway since it’s just been laying in a drawer.


I’m using the VRMust one (I believe it’s the thick one but didn’t know there were two)… :wink:

That said, I also have two one You linked to… :rofl:

When having the eye tracking module installed I need to use the thick one as my eyelashes will touch and smudge the “lenses” on the modules otherwise.

I just tried that one from aliexpress - still too thick for my liking. The right side gets alot more distorted. I need my face closer to it. Nothing available at 10-11mm with leather unfortunately.

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After some days of use, the foam are some mm thinner.
In the meantime my vr-must cover ist extremly soft, comfy nearly perfect. :slight_smile:

A brand new car seat is no good either. This will need time.


Unfortunately I need my face closer to the lenses… None of them work for me. I may have to find a custom way to make one with a tailor or something lol.

I mean, i have tell you some months before, i use an old 5k mask with the vr-must foam. :wink: Try it!

Yes i did try it with “thin” and “thick” foams - i dont like either one.

with the old 5k Rubber-Mask on the 8kx?

Closer you cant come to the lenses.

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Im talking about the vr must leather foams - theyre almost twice as thick as the thin comfort kit foam from pimax. 19-20mm from vr must, vs 11mm thin foam from pimax. I will probably have my tailor make it for me. It cant be that hard.

and I tell you, try the cover with the 5k mask.

Of you mean without the comfort kit on it, just the 5k cover… Hmmm that’s an interesting thought to try.

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You know what I did…I cut and trim away the thick foam as much as I can until it fit. That’s how it should be lol.

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I use my 8KX with the old 5K+ cowling and VR Must leather foam (pretty sure it’s the thick one, but that’s what I need).

The only combination I could find that let me focus correctly with the X

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