There is a new beta revive with a fix for stormland,for me it runs now better on the index.Maybe also for the pimax headsets?

For me,the game is running better now on the index…
So maybe it will help the pimax also…
Try it please and let us know here

Here is the installer:


Nope… still won’t fully start! It seems to get farther now in the fact that the game actually starts and the tracking is working, but the video never makes it to the headset… All I see is the Steam VR loading screen and it says waiting… Everything displays on the monitor but nothing in the 5K+ []-(

thats a pitty…it looks great on the valve index.I hope there comes a fix for the pimax soon…
I hope my upcoming pimax 8kx can play this game(but i dont think it will run good)


The software team is solving this problem. When the problem is fixed, Alex @Alex.liu will let you know. Thank you.



To me, Echo VR and Lone Echo VR happens same than Stormland, opens in monitor and in HMD pimax 5K+ Steam loanding banner.

If I run Echo VR from pitools, runs in HMD but with terrible performance, 20 fps or less.

Hope to be fixed.


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