There are kinks, but I’m not really disheartened

The tracking thing is software.
I am loving that the fov appears to reportedly be even bigger and they are aiming for the full thing. Speculation there based on road to vr’s speculation on what appeared to be an expanded area of lens coverage.
Mura can be corrected.
Unfortunately road to vr forgot to ask if this version on the trade show ran brain warp or their version of asw. Might explain the non smooth frames, being that although asw ip has been completed, brainwarp is still being debugged.
Also, comfort. The halo headmount was not there but judging on psvr it should be good.
Don’t give them a hard time, guys. While the road to vr article has valid concerns, they were not met with any reasonable counter criticism. Hence my post.


I don’t think tracking is software. My guess is that in “covering” the IR sensors they used too thick of a IR-transparent plastic around it so it blurred the laser hits which ended up with bad timing data.

The Vive looks pockmarked like the lunar surface for a reason. It doesn’t use IR transparent plastic, instead every single sensor has a little window with a covering on it to let unblurred laser hits. If PiMax ships with the current plastic there is no doubt that many people will take it apart to drill some holes in it for improved tracking, but my bet is that they will either go with windows, or redo the molding to have the plastic be very, very thin where the sensors are and have the sensors extremely close to the internal of the plastic.

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The tracking issue could actually be pretty much anything

I believe Pimax should take a note from Valve’s design choice of their optic filters:

Each of the IR sensor portholes has a IR filtering lens, this reduces the light spectrum reaching the sensor to cut down on the likelihood of noise that can impede performance.

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