The Wayward Realms - VR possible?

Dear OpenMR/Pimax VR Community,

I recently had a brief chat with a member of the team from “The Wayward Realms.” They are generally interested in VR and can imagine implementing it into the game, but they need to see enough interest and support in general to justify its implementation and have the resources. As a result, they haven’t mentioned it more openly in the FAQ.

So I thought this could be a chance if known to the VR community for two reasons:
A) To support the project in general, if you enjoy such games.
B) To show that “The Realm of VR” is greatly populated and enthusiastic and might carry to the wayward realms!

In any case, thank you for your attention and maybe support the Wayward Realms!

If you are interessted:
The Wayward Realms

The Wayward Realms by OnceLost Games — Kickstarter
A YouTube Channel

From legendary game developers Ted Peterson and Julian Lefay. Restoring Scope, choice, consequence & Role-Playing To RPGs

The Wayward Realms

Youtube: OnceLost Games

The Wayward Realms- Life of An Adventurer - A Gameplay Trailer


The FAQ - not so positivley stating interesst in VR as in the chat, but as they said in the caht, you can see in a Video that they are into VR, here the FAQ:

OnceLost Games

And here a Valve Index and some other device in the bakcgrond @1:44: A Vision Becoming Reality


Take Care!


This looks INSANE

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This looks amazing.

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