The Walking Dead Onslaught

Has anyone been able to run The Walking Dead Onslaught (Oculus version) on the 8kx ?
Every time I try and run it the game starts then crashes.

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Let me know what you think if you get it working. The reviews were tearing the game part.

I ordered it on steam and played 23 minutes of it and then submitted a help ticket for refund. I believe HL:Alyx has my expectations for VR way to high now. But Arizona Sunshine and WD saints & sinners seem much better. I have not played much WD S&S but it is way more polished.

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Wow, that bad eh? :laughing:

I might say try it for yourself but you may be best checking a few YouTube videos and see if the graphics are something you want to spend any time with. Then the gameplay? I bet this thing will be on sale for $9.99. Then I might try it again. But Raw data was way better and the developers should have improved on that. The budget for this was spent on the name and rights for character representation. Then it fell short. May have been great for a game in the last century but these better budget studios have to step things up. We have access to technology of the 8KX and 3090 and they deliver something that could be beat on N64.

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A matter of fact I have hundreds of vr games in my library and only refunded a few. I can’t see paying 30 dollars for a game that doesn’t make me happy. There is plenty of free or low cost games that I have been impressed with. If under $10 I feel it was my fault for trying. But for 20 or more they should deliver a quality product. “Containment Initiative” is a better bang for the buck especially on sale and offers local co op on pc. I reccomend just trying that and skip onslaught till it updates dramatically and goes on sale!

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i havent watched the reviews yet from trusted youtubers.

but the steam reviews blasted it.

It seems the arcadey feel that was in the first game was correct.

If S&S is resident evil 7

Onslaught is House of the Dead.

i can see why people are pissed but do we really need to identical Walking Dead games?

I love Raw Data so Raw Data with zombies could be fun

In truth I’ve only played 5% of S&S but the second I had to start crafting on the bus, I started to get bored amd havent gone back to it since so Onslaught could be up my alley.

Im sure this game will be on viveport soon , love viveport.


I actually enjoyed house of the dead! Maybe I didnt give onslaught a fair chance but if you check it out let me know what you think.

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