The upscale mode still doesnt work on the 8kx,after 10 minutes the right eye went black again!

So i thought it was fixed with the experimental firmware they send me.

But i found out after 10 minutes or so the right screen goes black again!
So the upscale mode on 114hz still dont work on the pimax 8kx.


So i just got again some new firmware today,but now both screens went black in the upscale mode on the 8kx.


John, i’ve had similar issues with upscale mode at 114 mhz.
I found that in the game it was giving me trouble, Reducing the resolution of the game that seem to help.
I’d like to have the option to run it at 110mhz and see if it’s more stable.

Hello, have you contacted our technical support and submitted the ticket number?You can give me the ticket number and I’ll follow it

i did but they want a video,but that is hard to make for me… its just when i start a game in upscale mode both eyes turn black…

Video is necessary to deal with the problem, technical support needs to confirm the problem through video, after-sales department also needs video for replacement

Any follow ups on the solution for this? I have a 8kx and in full resolution mode it works fine. However in upscale mode you will lose an eye or both eyes within a few minutes of game play. I found the easiest guarantee way to make it go out fast. Go into VRchat and look into say a mirrored picture on a wall. if you get close to the mirror with say your left eye it will go black. If you go close to it with both eyes both will go out. Quick fix is to unplug the display port quickly and replug it in. Then you can do it over and over. Long solution is you have to exit steamvr and then reboot the headset in pimax for it to work again. I tried all drivers it occurs in

i7 7700k 1080ti
pimax 8kx best working drivers as of 11-22-2020 for me. All others had significant issues

This exact thing just happened to me, upscaler does not work.

Same issue. Just recently purchased the headset. Can confirm, for me, it seems to be whenever the headset is in motion at a great enough speed either the right lens in parallel projection or both without parallel projection will go black. I’ve replicated both scenarios in Serious Sam Last Hope and No Mans Sky.

I7 9700K
2070 SUPER

Going to be tweaking things more today just to see if I can isolate if it’s in the settings. I’m using pi tool version along with pimax experience.

Yeah I have had to give up upscale mode completely on the pimax 8kx. I think the chips over heat or something that does the upscaling. Maybe they can release a upscale mode with 90fps or something less demanding. perhaps that won’t overload it and make the screen go black.

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I experienced same problem with upscale 114hz even though everything is updated. My firmware, Pitool and PE…all up to date. So what the hell is happening? How come Pimax ain’t talking? By the way, how come I can’t switch to 90hz on upscale? I can’t uncheck the 114hz.

There you go guys. Blackout fixed. But no backlight control and only 75 hz.

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