The tide is turning UPLOADVR amazed by pimax 8k!

CES 2019: Playing Beat Saber On The Pimax 8K Is Pretty Amazing

Guess I backed the right kickstarter!


I was SHOCKED when I read this positive review lol. (Btw notice how they don’t even follow anything pimax related when they said “going to try 5k+ which is less crisp and sharp :joy::joy::joy:”)

But glad they’ve put their bias aside and given fair impressions


I saw that one too - and was in shock.

This is a proper journalists, and yet you don’t read anything about the headstrap being poor, the setup not completed by a donkey with blinds within 10 seconds, build quality being subpar etc. to then just casually mention near the end of the article that it actually delivers a great experience once in use, which of course shouldn’t count for anything because seriously, who buys a headset to then go on and actually enjoy VR with it - you just want to set it up, then switch if off and nevertheless wear it on your head for many hours until the headstrap becomes uncomfortable and at the end smash it against the wall time and again, just for good measure. That’s what the average user does, right. At least if you’d believe some of the articles I saw in the past…

So a big well done to David, he understood it - when the hurdles have been overcome, it delivers a great experience. And for some of us that’s what it is about.