The shortest (useful) review I can manage - 5k+

Ordered 30th Oct 2018, arrived 1st April 2019 (thankfully was not a joke).

  1. Installation - no problems at all with PiTool .112 or headset connectivity to my PC.

I mostly followed this guide to be safe, as I had a WMR headset plugged in previously:

  1. Performance - oh dear.

I have a 2011 gaming PC with a 980 Ti added in. Until now, the old hardware made remarkably little difference. Example of Elite Dangerous - performance at 1440p Ultra setting @144fps in space was no problem. WMR at 1080p, Steam 100%, with solid 45fps reprojection no problem either.

On to the Pimax. Parallel projections turned on for Elite brought SteamVR home by itself from 45fps on WMR to 2-3fps with Pimax :slight_smile: I can only get Elite to be playable by reducing in-game quality to Low, setting Steam to use 30% quality, PiTool 1.0, normal FOV, and 64Hz - PC just manages 32FPS, but sometimes 28-29. This is not as unpleasant as I expected it to be however, and I can still play and I can read all the text, even if quality is not great.

FPSVR shows GPU is struggling with ~98% usage and high frame times - CPU is not being overly taxed, around 60% - but I doubt this is the full picture, as my CPU really should be more of a bottleneck than the GPU.

Skyrim - PP off, performance improves slightly. Steam quality remains at 30%, but can manage 64fps. However this will sometimes drop to ~32. IIRC in-game SS is now 100%, on the WMR I used 200% without a problem. FPSVR again shows the GPU struggling, but CPU is OK.

  1. Comfort - oh dear. The default strap is not the biggest issue, it’s the weight balancing which creates far too much pressure on the nose and cheeks. I have a headband strap from Davobkk, and have made myself a counterweight from a bag of dense material, which has helped significantly. However it is still not perfect, and Pimax needs to bring out the better, fully tested (!) options asap. The Lenovo Explorer wins hands down in this category, being very light and comfortable, especially with Davobkk’s WMR headstrap.

  2. Build quality - OK. No obvious major issues such as cracking. I am being careful how I hold the headset and therefore where I place the weight to avoid stressing out any weak points. The seam lines aren’t perfect, but not bad overall. No issues with displays, lenses, or cable connection.

  3. Enjoyment - despite some of current issues above, I LOVE the wide FOV, and I wouldn’t want to go back. Therefore I am busy planning out a high spec PC so I can fully enjoy the resolution of the 5k+ alongside that FOV

Conclusion: despite the problems (and let’s face it, there have been a huge amount of issues overall), Pimax have created products that deliver something special and unique in the market, even with the latest rival headsets that have been announced. They just need to fix the myriad issues that are denting users’ enjoyment, none of which are insurmountable.

Hope that helps!


Not suprised you have issues with the gpu, it is 2 or 3 gen old gpu so it age is showing is all.

A gtx 1080 or rtx2060 has roughly 30% better performance.


Ah yes sure, it’s certainly below spec. I just meant by comparison to my 2011 3.3Ghz i5-2500k, it has almost time travelled from the future :joy:

New PC parts are on the way so I should have some very different performance figures in the near future :+1:


Added some updates here: