The screen breaks and a line appears on the left lens of my Pimax 8K+

The screen breaks and a line appears on the left lens of my Pimax 8K+.

The right lens is normal, but the left lens does not see the screen properly.
Replacing the cable or installing a new graphics card driver does not solve the problem.
It’s the same thing with a new set of fixes.
It hasn’t been long since I got 8K+, but I’m so sad.
What should I do to solve the problem?

Ticket Number [#24,374]



Sorry to hear rin. Have added Pimaxquorra to your post. Maybe a remote teamviewer session might help. But imho this may require an rma.


This look like an RMA case. It remind me when I got my 5K+ last summer…It was defect from day 1 as soon as I got it. Unfortunately you will need time effort and patience again. Reship the defect unit to them, pay the shipping fees, ask and wait for a refund, wait for the new unit to arrive, pay for the customs fees a second time on reception and ask again for a refund. It is just so much simple when it work just right out of the box the first time.


I sent an answer to the ticket. I hope the problem can be solved quickly.

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The screen gets worse every time turn on pimax :sob:

Hello Rin_ai,

Sad to hear that, we will forward your ticket number to our CS team. They will assist you to diagnose the lens issue. If RMA is needed, they will help you process it.



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