The quest 3 made me a believer for mixed reality and for wireless gaming(just tested MSFS and half life alex,the cleanest wireless picture i have ever seen)

One thing the quest 3 did for me now is believing in the future of mix reality after playing miracle Pool… its a blast this way… try it: MiRacle Pool on Meta Quest | Quest VR games

When the passthrough becomes crystal clear someday it will be a blast with good software offcourse…The lenses are good from the quest 3 i say,i dont have any warping what i had on the varjo vr3… The contrast could be better i think on the quest 3.

For the price the quest 3 is a fun device,exept for the comfort,it realy hurts my face so i need a different facemask for sure,and i would like to be a little closer to the lenses(But i have that on every vr headset)

But its realy a fun device,and thats important too i think…

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Also my wifi 6e router the TP-Link Archer AXE75 just arrived,it brings wireless pc gaming to the best in class …The quest 3 looks and plays great now wireless

Okay i tried now with my new wifi 6e router MSFS on the quest 3,unbelievable that this is possible wireless. I had it in god mode… it looked and played amazing smooth after that again halflife alex … it looked stunning…(better the on my pimax 8kx,exept for the field off view ofcourse) I tweaked the contrast slider and the brightness slider too my likings inflight… The image was very very clean for wireless

Okay just compared the quest 3 wireless to my pimax 8kx wired in the game kayak mirage… the quest 3 looked better!(keep in mind that a use a wifi 6e router and a rtx4090)

Only missing the field off view,thats a pitty

Okay i did some more wireless gaming tonight on the quest 3,this time shooters like pavlov online with the push mode…

It played and looked great wireless… Also the tracking is great(i am used to light house tracking,so i am very critical)

Way better tracking then the hp reverb g2 and the pimax crystal inside out tracking…

Now after some days using the quest 3 i say its a no brainer for the price… Only i need to fix the hurting on my face lol.

I am even thinking to sell my pimax 8kx.

I am also a highend pcvr user with many different highend headsets…

But after trying this quest 3,why are all those highend pcvr headsets so expensive?

Yes they are a better in picture quality,but see what you get here for 500 euro(128gb) :

Perfect inside out tracking,decent audio,medi core mic,best wireless pc vr,Great lenses,even mix reality what is fun to play with…After my varjo vr3,star vr one ,pimax crystal etc this is the best bang for the buck (or how do you call that in english lol)

okay i did a latency test wireless on the quest 3 with the pinball game pinball fx2,i am realy suprised you dont feel the latency. it was a great experience with popping colors and amazing clarity!

I bought a Quest 3 too and i must say it’s a fantastic hmd especially at that price. Everything about it is an improvement over the Quest 2 (apart from the facial gasket and battery life). I agree that MR has a future, the Quest 3 is the 1st affordable hmd to have decent quality passthrough, the MR aspect i can’t stop messing around in.

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I am realy suprised about the screens and lenses too for this price… they are Great(exept for the lcd blacks offcourse)

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I did again some dcs wireless,its realy realy amazing what the quest 3 delivers wireless with a good wifi 6e router and virtual desktop…
it looked stunning with great brightness too what i forgot to say

Tbh i haven’t done much wireless pcvr yet, i’ve played some skyrim + fallout 4 with virtual desktop and thought the image quality looked great, i could not see any compression. It’s the mixed reality that has me hooked at the moment (isn’t the crystal supposed to be getting MR too?).

I’ve been playing thrill of the fight and miracle pool in MR and it’s a blast. Also been watching Netflix on a huge screen in my bedroom in MR. The passthrough quality isn’t perfect but it’s still good enough to be immersed in.

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i realy forgot how good Asynchronous SpaceWarp works with the oculus headsets like the quest 3 now(i now have memories from the old cv1 lol)… i even maxed out green hell and it was running great and looking absolute amazing wireless and in vr… It does also wonders in MSFS and DCS

Wow its realy realy unbelievable how resident evil 3 wireless looks like on the quest 3… SOOOO immersive!Played it on the pimax 8kx too… But this is the way on the quest 3!

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Meta have really smashed it out of the park with the Quest 3 haven’t they. I don’t know how for $500 retail they’ve managed to produce a hmd with such a nice display, XR2 Gen 2 SOC, decent mixed reality capability, 6E wifi, etc.

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Hey guys. I’ve had the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3. I agree that it’s wonderful. Wireless is the only way I will play roomscale or standing games. Do either of you have a Crystal? How do the visuals compare when given the SAME resolution? Is the Crystal still better since there’s more pixels? Love to hear your feedback.

I had a Crystal reservation but never followed through with it as the promised wifi feature hasn’t materialised, I won’t buy a tethered only hmd again unless it was really special in some other way, like silly high ppd. I’ve owned an Aero and can say the Q3 has bigger fov and no distortion. They both have clarity across most of the fov. The Q3 is 25ppd and imo is sharp enough. The Aero at its highest native setting (35ppd - same as the Crystal) is noticeably sharper. I think @john2910 has Crystal experience so can answer your question.

Yes i had the crystal,the image was better on the pimax crystal but it had short comings too…But the image is realy realy good on the quest 3 too…

I hated on the pimax crystal the blooming in dark scenes,i had a issue with warping at the sides off the lenses… Also very heavy and bulky for such a small field off view and why o why it needs batteries when wired?

I have more fun with the quest 3 now,Great lenses,great wireless,good colors and brightness… And the mix reality is fun(even with the not best passthrough)

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Dang. This is a tough one. I have the Crystal on the way, but as I have an 8KX, so the Crystal isn’t worth anything toward the 12k, and I’m honestly happy with the MQ3 or the Meta Quest Pro. I thought I might enjoy sharper visuals and better colors, but it sounds like it’s not that much of a difference. I would use it strictly for seated flight simming so wires don’t matter. If I see any warping it’s game over and will have to send it back.


It could be fixed or better now,let us know what you think here please…

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Pimax was asked so much to fix their lenses, they finally did a try and seems made it better than before, but even if they promoted they use best eye tracking company’s help (Tobi) seems they still failed on geometry stability which is a bummer. They had poor colors, contras and brightness, seems they finally fixed it, kudos for it. But they really ignored one of the most important calls which I personally and many others told on this forum few years ago — its a comfort. They made it as a huge heavy break which is unusable with this no go bugs like battery swaps, which is hard to extract and many such small quality of life things which ruin experience. Thats pitty to see that a company having good potential makes such a known in vr community mistakes. After having 5 pimaxes, the last one was a 8kx i have 2 as first had unbearable mura, I couldnt use it as it was too heavy for me, 5k+ was ok in terms of weight. Now Crystal weights significantly more than 8kx consider a counterweight as well. Pimax you could do better. Strip all non pc pafts from crystal, make it as light as possible plus fix finally geometry distortion issue. You could spent your money for it. If you want standalon hmd make it a separate device but light as well. Having a possibility to wire natively to PC is a good things but if it tredemously impact the comfort - its a no go. Crystal would be more popular if even with current lences it would be light.

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Meta HMDs cost more than they sell for. Data and software you sell and buy from them make profit. Many $$$ were spent to make it what its, lenses came long way and many iterations. I always told Quest devices have one of the best in class lenses. Q2 even if frenel has also very stable geometry and clear picture. I dont tolerate distortions and Aero couldnt fix their lenses.

On my memory good hmds which i tried were CV1/vive (for their time), index, quest2, almost ok was pico4 but it still didnt hit the bar, other devices also were fun or usable but they didnt give a whole experience for me on the same level by variety of reasons, good ones but not that good as previous were odysseu+, vive pro(lenses and comfort spoiled it), 8kx for simms only, Q1 (too front heavy). Worst hmds (in good vr devices class) were reverb g2, vive pro 2 (lenses)

its good to see industry moves forward and we got such a good thing like lenses in Q3/pro, soft on meta side also gets better, steamvr also fine but it needs more attention as it stales. I ordered BSB and think it will be a very interesting device. I guess BSB & Q3 will be my daily drivers fof near future. I played echo vr wiressly when it was up and it was a blast, never preffered wireless for pcvr games apart of calm games like vrchat, alyx etc but standalone experience and 2D streaming was pleasing, very good quality. Also Q is good for work I use it to code for last 3 years. VR still misses good software and opensourceness, things like meta’s avatars in home and table tennis env, tapping by hands on keyboard and ui interaction, hand tracking in vrchat make it significantly better. I hope projects like lynx r1 will inspire industry and software will be independent of hardware like we have nowadays with PC industry. So no one corp control, trends in soft will be more dynamic and VR / MR will see its potential