The Pimax Crystal: Jack of All Trades a review

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Interesting video and some fair points. A specific focus on PCVR would be ideal, but Crystal is what it is, and it’s very satisfying to use for me at the moment.

My personal thoughts:

  • visuals excellent but very eye position dependent, benefit from eye tracking and software tools like Almalence digital lens. It’s very demanding to run even at 90hz, the 72hz mode is comfortable for me in many titles. Using RTX 4080.

  • sound (off-ear speakers) very good, heavier bass than Index but not as subtle. Microphone very good.

  • ergonomics, heavy but balanced and fits me well after modifying the cushions front (shimmed to narrow) and rear (attached Index small head rear foam spacer). Soft rubber strap cover on head strap.

  • Fibre optic tether makes big difference to weight/drag when moving about. Not using USB hub as found it caused disconnections.

  • battery, prefer not but easy enough to live with, two batteries give me enough for day of roomscale gaming

  • tracking, inside out sufficient for simming; I’m using steamVR faceplate and Index controllers with three 2.0 base stations where tracking is excellent. Also using sword controllers for beat saber excellent stuff.

  • standalone, works but requires investment in improving software and adding games which may not be prudent use of resources