The Pimax 8K is not connected to the index controller

The index controller will pair before firmware update, but will not pair as soon as firmware update occurs
Is there any solution?
I also want to know why steam vr does not support equipment pairing.
The vibro pairings are very smooth.

Iā€™m not sure but to enter pairing mode press B+System.

Then should pair in Pitool. Believe pitool meeds to do pairing to headset.

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It worked well when the index controller was paired with older firmware, but if you updated the index controller to the latest firmware, you could not pair it.

After switching to pairing mode, I try to pair for about 2 minutes and eventually it is canceled

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Might be an index issue as some are reporting issues with pairing on index & vive. As you said was ok b4 firmware update.

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