The Odyssey Head Strap add-on

Today I received the Odyssey Head Strap by our very own community member Davobkk…

I’ve been a big fan of the Samsung Odyssey VR headset the moment it came out and jumped on getting the OD+ as well when that arrived. I love the visual qualities of the Samsung VR headset… It’s simply the best Windows Mixed Reality HMD on the market today in my opinion.

I’ve used the strap now for several hours and it makes the Odyssey feel almost weightless which absolutely increases the comfort level of the unit BIG TIME!!! This is actually even more noticeable on the original Odyssey which is a bit heavier than the plus version.

The strap I received is one of the earlier models in which Davobkk created. He told me that the newer version has better stitching and longer tabs… which actually surprised me because the stitching on the strap I received is TOP NOTCH and the tabs are just perfect for me.

I love this strap so far. I can’t believe how very little the Samsung feels on my head… I highly recommend it. I can only think of one improvement so far… the Strap is missing a nice Logo on top but I can live without that.

GREAT JOB Davobkk… THANK YOU for making this!!! You DA MAN!!!


Thanks for the feedback. Glad it works!

The Pimax strap will be available next week


Is this some sort of railgun behind the headset? :slight_smile:


I think its a (flight) pedal thing :wink:

The strap looks very interesting… Might get myself one too.


His VR room is one big science experiment

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Original strap is not fit for my son, the velcro is too short.

You mean the standard Pimax strap?

Actually those springs are part of my pedals for my driving sims… they are CST performance pedals… all metal. They’re actually very rare now since the company no longer exist (since 2012) and they only made a few of them… but their awesome. Real feel system… they’re much better than the pedals that came with my Logitech G27 and they’re built to last. I use CH Pro Pedals (rudders) for flight sims.

Great!!! My strap should arrive any day soon :slight_smile:

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Yes, the velcro is too short in pimax 8k.

Hello there,

will the pimax strap also be made for who use the pimax with the vive audio strap?

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Hi John. I am making a custom strap for the standard Pimax soft strap and the Vive DAS. I’ll add two new products to my website next week

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