The "I have both the 5k+ and 8k" thread

Which I do not… But, if you have both headsets, would you please give a brief post comparing the major discussed points? So, without going into a full review would you simply compare the colour, blacks, SDE, and which HMD you use more, day to day. I totally appreciate that it’s subjective, but, at the end of the day - Which headset are backers with both actually using, more?

Much of the 5k+ Vs 8k threads deal in theory and technical issues, I’m hoping to simplify it a little by just dealing with the end results of actual 8k/5k+ usage… and how the major points of discussion are affecting real users.

Thanks if you can help!


if you want to help keep a list of user and preference at the main message level of this thread. Like a product infomercial :joy:

for example :

MRTV Sebastian 5k+ : “Simply better”
HelioSurge 8K : “5k+ is to Sharp”