The huge cost of delivery to Russia (120$, mistake on the site?)


I have a big question about the cost of delivery to Russia, it seems to me - this is a mistake on the site.


I wanted to order 8K + already, but the double cost of delivery to Russia ($ 120) stopped me compared to deliveries to all other countries (about $ 60 on average).

It seems that the countries are nearby, there are good trade routes, there have never been such expensive deliveries from there. This is not 10 Pimax’es after all, but just one lightweight headset without stations and controllers. Shipping from Kickstarter (my full 8K package with stations and controllers) cost me 2 times cheaper.

Must not be such expensive delivery for a single light-weight headset (without stations and controllers) .And there is indicated Standart - Shipping .

I used to buy other headsets with delivery from the USA through an intermediary, and the delivery then
cost me $ 60 -70. (and this would be a complete set with controllers)

I can not afford to pay double shipping cost. From China to Russia there have always been good prices for delivery.
Please deal with this error as soon as possible.

@PimaxUSA, @Matthew.Xu, @SweViver, @Pimax-Support, @PimaxVR

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It’s 80$ to Denmark and they’ve said they’re creating a warehouse in Germany (which is right next to DK) so it seems to me they’re just inflating the price with shipping and taxes (275$!) most of which they can just keep for themselves (I don’t think they’ll pay import taxes when importing into EU, do You?).

There was no extra tax on the delivery of my 5K+ from UK.

355$ extra is crazy! :astonished:


Yes, your delivery, although more or less decent in cost, but your taxes amaze me :japanese_goblin:

Russia next door is located with China, and they indicated such an expensive delivery :eyes:
By the way, from the same Aliexpress we generally have free shipping on most goods.

Still, I would like to believe that this is a mistakes that can be fixed :roll_eyes:

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Many thanks to Pimax Technical Support!
A thorough investigation was conducted and an error was identified on the site
Shipping cost has been reduced from $ 120 to an acceptable $ 80.
Despite a bunch of recent events, Pimax support is at its best :beers: :sunglasses::+1: