The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone?

Has anyone tested this with a 5k+?

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I’ll check it out later. I started this game on a Vive, but stopped and waited for a better HMD, since I couldn’t decide between good graphics vs more supersampling. I almost want to replay episode 1 too. I’m actually waiting for the color/calibration settings that are apparently coming before I dive into more single player games.

I tested it out. i5-4690K with a 1080Ti FE. It works without Parallel Projections, which is good. No noticeable blurring in the Large FOV mode either. Performance will be inconsistent. Head movements seem fine, but there are some jittery hands in certain areas, not too bad though. Hopefully that motion smoothing update comes soon. Since undersampling doesn’t look too bad I can deal with a lower supersampling value(something I’d never say with a Vive). In the dark areas I didn’t see a huge difference between visual settings. The anti-aliasing settings work a little, but not enough to want to keep it on to hurt performance, so I think I’d rather have AA off(also something I’d never say with a Vive). The Pitool brightness setting on Normal makes more sense, at least in the dark area I was in, maybe even Low. It was the first time using Bright where I thought the dark areas, not necessarily blacks, didn’t look great. I usually like the Bright settings for other games.

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Awesome! Thank you very much!

I’d say about the same, what @cazman321 wrote. It runs really nice on the 5k+ i7 8700, MSI 1080ti with highest graphics, AA isn’t doing so much of a difference. Perfectly smooth on normal fov. I love those distances with the pimax compared to the vive. Everythings sharp and clear. Beautiful game and really good physics ingame with the power glove. It produces a nice feeling, which isn’t always the case in vr environments.