The first prize-----Colorful® RTX 3090!!!

RTX 3090----------Who doesn’t want it !?
Unfortunately, as one of the planners, I can’t attend.In fact, I’m already drooling over the prize :heart_eyes: :star_struck:




I guess I gotta enter then if my rma ever arrives


Remember to sign up before the deadline :wink:

remember to have the headsets with us before the deadline!!!


An RTX 3090 is definitely on my future purchase list… I will have to upgrade to the very best for my flight sims and other things…

So this could save me a serious dent in my PC hardware budget.

That said, if I win it (admittedly a big if), I hope no one would be offended if I had to trade it (perhaps with someone on these forums) for perhaps 1% higher boost clocks and power target (that is if the original card does not win the ‘silicon lottery’).

I hope so :thought_balloon:

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Unfortunately I can’t enter but how do we vote?

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I know voting hasn’t finished but today seems to be the day where it’s ok to declare victory. I’d like to thank my family and voters for backing me, I’ll do you fair & proud with this RTX 3090 you have bestowed upon me.


You’d better have submitted it :face_with_monocle:

So whoever writes the most positive things about the 8k-X will win this card?

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Who says it has to be positive?

Aren’t we deciding?

A poll to vote the award winners out will be available from 11/06 - 11/10.


Ah ok so pimax users decide? Hmm interesting hadn’t read that part

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Oh I haven’t submitted anything… I’m just self-declaring the winner :smile:

hey klaus,Give me the ticket number and I’ll check it for you internally。Give me the ticket number and I’ll check it for you internally


Hi @hammerhead_gal, massive thanks for your kind offer, PM’d.

Office of the “Its 8kX!” winner elect

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Hey, I was searching for this card. Is it this one?

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