The Defender warning for virus from the piplay 1.2.98 during install

It found at “Pimax\SteamVRSupport\drivers\pvr\bin\win32\driver_pvr.dll”

I can’t remember who offered the piplay 1.2.98 setup file.

Do you know about this issue? I found some article of pimax’s forum in the google but it has hidden as private.

Virus name is Win32/Ramnit.J
It’s a Malware. So scarry…

Yes this was discussed here in thr forums & the link was removed. It looks as it may have been corrupted on mega.

It was flag after download. I would reccommend disinfecting your pc & install latest piplay.

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Ah… really??? OMG… I had installed it yesterday… Thanks for answer Heliosurge.

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As your anti virus spotted it, it would of blocked it from installing anyway so you should be fine, but feel free to run windows defender ‘full scan’ just to be sure.



Sorry for that, I have removed that version with suspected virus in forum. Just now, I also removed it completely in our Mega cloud storage. Please use the latest PiPlay 2.0.3_beta:

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Thanks for your support PIMAX. I removed 1.2.98. So it was blocked during install by the Defender already.
So PiPlay 2.0.3 have so great inferface and design. Thanks for your works. and I hope use the 8K version. but so sadly My graphic card GTX1070… it would be so poor performance for the 8K. T___T Some day I hope who make a incredible VR engine for the 8K VR. actually… most steamVR getting laggy with x3 sampling when I just watching movie for the 4K.
So I hope pimax support the kinect positioning sensor without commercial plug-in.

Drvr4vr is great for steam to manage things like kinect, psmove & leap motion in steamvr.

Yes its is somethingblike $15 but this is a 1 time fee.

I used the Demo version early… and… it is bad work for close to kinect… I also have the Kinect Zoom. and It doesn’t work.

A few users have noted numerious improvements. Not sure with using zoom adapter.

Thing about the kinect is very heavy on usb bandwidth as if such it needs to be on its own chipset like an addon usb card. Connecting it to a usb3 port may counter this as well due to usb have a considerable amount of bandwidth compared to usb 2.

Now another factor due to the amount of bandwidth you are likely to need to have a beefy cpu.

I have a kinect for the 360 but have not put time into trying it out to offer better feedback.

But drvr4vr is atm probably the best option to get the options mentioned above easier & with leap motion has opened the possibly of using leap for some kind of positional tracking.

@pho3nix could likely give some great pointers in setup & how too.

Thanks for you answer Heliosurge. I use the usb3 port to use my kinect.

So I agree for kinect sensor getting some laggy to tracking a position. Because I using my dual kinect to capturing motion to make a game.

It’s horrible work… kinect 360 works as so slowly.

I had to buy the nolo VR… silly…

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