The color scheme for pettitte vr headsets is suggested 2020.3.15

The color scheme for pettitte vr headsets is suggested 2020.3.15

After a lot of debugging, I found the best method of color mixing, after each debugging before and after the comparison, the effect can be said to be a sea change, I used pettitte 5k xr helmet, my debugging method, should be more general than pettitte’s whole series of helmets, may be slightly different, but the general principle is universal

One, improve the backlight brightness, the overall effect can increase by 15%

I use the old version pitool: _R244, this version comes with a backlight brightness adjustment, the latest version pitool, remove the backlight adjustment is, but when I pull the backlight brightness to the highest picture feeling brighter, more comfortable, but the white fog, gauze is basic didn’t increase, and low when backlit, clearly darkened, no high when backlit screen is satisfied, the new version pitool should be restored for xr this feature

Two, black level, choose dark black, the overall effect can be increased by 35%

At first, I never paid attention to this adjustment, but maybe it was due to the recent firmware update. When I chose the black level as dark black again, the whole picture had much less gauze and white fog, and the effect was obvious

Three, contrast, choose +1, brightness, choose -3, the overall effect can increase by 50%

This is a little bit more complicated, just remember that the contrast is always +1, it’s not necessary to go beyond 1, and the brightness is usually -3, or -4, or -2, depending on the situation. Here’s how brightness and contrast work:

1, when the brightness is lower, the overall picture of the gauze, white fog less, this is good!Is having a negative effect, but the brightness is too low, when subjected to a dark scene, you will can’t see the details of the goods, the enemy’s face hacked into pieces, so the brightness values depends choice, if choose - 4, picture is too dark, you can choose, or 2, usually the more colorful, the material of high resolution, less dark scene of the game, adjusted the better the results

  1. For contrast, I chose +1 to make up for the darkness caused by the low brightness, but!If contrast ratio is too high, can cause dazzle light phenomenon, it is the more white object, the more luminous, such as white cloud luminescence, white into a piece, text luminescence, also can’t see the detail at all, all a group of white, and the light also lets the eye uncomfortable.You can even adjust the contrast to 0 when it comes to flashy, bright games, as long as you don’t feel dark

  2. Above adjustment. When you enter steamvr room, you may think it is not good enough, but I found it suitable for most games

    I just looked at the computer screen, then look at the image under the helmet, toning after basic difference is not big, basic can’t see the white fog, gauze, extremely close to color, but oled screen, in theory, no clear LCD’s helmet, margin serrate, such as more so, more not the edge of the computer display is exquisite, is the simulated images, because the picture is taken not to come out, the game is a prison bosses,

On the left is the computer screen, and on the right is the screen that I’ve been looking at over and over again.

I think 8kx resolution and ppi have exploded, so everything should be better


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In addition, please note that mine is the 5k xr of the ole screen, and the small PI helmet of the LCD, which does not have a black level, but it can be improved a lot after color mixing. Artisan users have listened to my advice to modify the brightness and contrast, and his feedback has also improved a lot

Vr headsets with higher resolution, such as 8k+ or 8kx, especially the latter 8kx, can also improve color and reduce haze due to their increased resolution and ppi, as well as improve clarity. With feedback from players, 8k+ is better than 5k+ in color.

In addition, the LCD screen, clarity is better than oled


Maybe you should post PiTool screenshot in english

小派vr头盔调色方法建议 2020.3.15

在经过多次调试后,我发现了最佳调色方法,每次调试完的前后对比,效果可说是天翻地覆,我用的小派5k xr头盔,我的调试方法,应该通用于小派全系列头盔,可能略有区别,但大致原理是通用的









3,以上调节,在你进入steamvr房间时,你可能觉得不够好,但我发现适合于绝大多数游戏,你需要按照游戏来调节,而不是steam vr房间,因为你是玩游戏,而不是在steamvr房间看风景





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另外注意,我的是ole屏幕的5k xr, 而lcd 的小派头盔,是没有黑色等级一项的,但经过调色 也能改善不少,已经有artisan用户听从我意见,修改亮度和对比度,他反馈也改善了很多

而更高的分辨率的vr头盔,比如8k+ 或8K x,尤其后者8kx,因为它们的分辨率和ppi暴增,所以同样能提升色彩 并减少薄雾情况,也能提升清晰度, 有玩家反馈,8k+的色彩就比5k+的更好,


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