The best VR video player and the right way to set it up(includ method to watch 4K videos)

I’ve compared a lot of VR video players, if i must choose one for daily use, “Simple VR Player” is a good chose. It’s very powerful, good brightness, excellent image quality and easy to use.

To reach the best home theater experience, we must do some settings.

First connect piplay with direct mode, run steamVR, then open Simple VR Video Player.

you need to download and install Standard K-lite codec pack here

Enter the “Super Advanced Settings” and set the video decoding engine to “DirectShow”

Now your Simple VR Video Player could handle almost all the common video formats, try to play any movie, if your graphic card and CPU are good enough increase the Super Smapling Resolusion to 200%, and 8X Anti Aliasing.

If you are playing a high definition video, you may notice that the details are blurred, they are even flickering, it is because there are mass pixels crowding in a very small area. to Resolve this problem, you could set the screen distance to around 30 meters, then enlarge the screen size according to yourself.

If you want to watch a HEVE(H265 4K) Video without occupying almost all the CPU resources, you could decode the video by your graphic card with the setting below:

1.double click the red icon of “LAV DECODER” on the bottom right corner of your desktop.
2.Select hardware decoder : DXVA2(copy-back), then choose your graphic card model.(To decode H265 4K, It’s available for GTX 960 and series 1000).


Have fun!


It looks from the settings screen grab here like you can do 4k 60hz native (with 4:2:0 chroma sub sampling.) Do movies look HD through the lens? What I mean is, with my note 4 Gear VR resolution through the lens looks to the eye to be about 480p. Since its a 4k Panel (double,) do videos actually look closer to 720p through the lens?

I can’t count if it’s 720p or not, but i can tell it’s excellent experience!! :wink:

How does clarity through the lens compare to CV1 and Gear VR

For watching videos? I choose PIMAX 4K + Simple VR Video Player, it’s much better.

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Have you guys tried this set-up?

I tried Simple VR Video Player with my GTX and increased the Super Sampling Resolution to 200%, and 8X Anti Aliasing. No apparent performance hit so far. Thanks. I haven’t tried the codec changes yet.

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I’m not sure using 1440 really matters since my highest resolution movies are only FHD blu-ray 1920x1080 anyway.

Where do you get 4k movies?

I was referring to motion picture films that are available on UHD Blu-ray Discs.

Yes. Or copies of discs I own that I could copy to hard disk and playback with Kodi or with Simple Video Player in Steam.

I just found a new videoplayer that seems to work even better than simple VR videoplayer, it’s called deoVR:

Download the Vive version. You can play with the anti-aliasing setting and the oversampling and find the max setting you can run while still maintaining 60 fps.

I’m using with an x-box controller and it works really nice that way.

I like this a lot better than Simple Vr player and the quality seems to be much better too.


Is there a way to control DeoVR with mouse + keyboard? (I tried vJoy + UCR, but it didn’t work for me)

I don’t know, haven’t tried it. But even if it would work, it wouldn work as nicely as the xbox controller, because with the xbox controller you can just use the ‘joystick’ to both zoom in and out and move up/down/left/right in SBS 180 video’s, it’s really nice.

does this have steam workshop capabilities i really like the cinema environments you get with players like cmoar cinema so would definitely get this if it had a cinema environment is free and works great. Very easy to use.

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it doesnt work without the xbox…
ive tried most players… whirligig… simple vr player… but deovr is absolutely the best…
just have to put that effort to connect ur xbox…

Agreed, deovr is simply the best

Is this topic still relevant? I cant find the “Super Advanced Settings” to set the video decoding engine to “DirectShow”. When I playback video in the Simple Player, the video is jerky and choppy. Also do we still need to download the K-lite Codec? Thanks