THANKS PIMAX! Thank you very much the Pimax 5k


Thank you very much the Pimax 5k + arrived today. She is great!
Very nice VR glasses and good quality!


Unfortunately the hand motion module and the audio strap are missing!
You promised me an audio strap!

Is this still delivered?

Then I have a problem with the VR cover! The pad is too thin.
It must be 4 to 5 mm thicker!

Can I get another one?

Otherwise, everything is perfect!

best regards


Hi, its really good that you enjoy your 5k+.
The kickstarter goals like Audio Strap and Hand Motion Modules will come later this year, probably Q2/3 2019.
Pimax will also offer different Face Pads with different thickness probably around June /July but could be wrong.
Enjoy your Max :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t4:


There is s recent post by @PMXskciVR about $5 vive face foam from Ali express?

But yeah hand modul & hesdstrap not released yet.


I quickly made my mod from velcro tape. I gave two layers at the top and one at the bottom - this is the best for me :wink:


Yes the VR cover is MUCH TO THIN!

I wear glasses under the Pimax.
With the VR cover what is in the Pimax … it is very bad!

It’s only 14mm thick!
The VR cover should be twice as thick!
Then it would be good!
I have the Pimax VR Cover together with Vivie VR Cover.
That’s fine. The cover is then 28mm!
A good distance for eyeglass wearers!

Otherwise, the Pimax is the best VR glasses that are currently available! I am very pleased!


I ordered a bunch of different ones after I read that post. Now I just need an HMD to put them on :partying_face:

edit: looks like the pads arrived and I’m picking them up some day next week.