Thanks for best vr headset

Finaly you made good piplay, it is working good for me now. My setup is - intel xeon e5 2680, gtx1070, win10 64bit. Thanks, keap on good work. As i can see, it is best vr head set so fare, no pixels and very clean picture.


Thank u sooooooo much. If you have any good idea, you can tell us. ^-^

Please make a model with Display Port :slight_smile:

Haha, sounds like you really enjoy it, why don’t you write some threads to recommend good games to us? :kissing_heart:

After all the bugs and software are fixed is it good for sim games? Better than Oculus? Thanks

We are glad to hear you like pimax

I feel good when I see movies, the image is quite clean. But it took me a lot of time to install:sweat_smile: