*** Thanks and congrats Pimax team ! ***

Backer 6090, got my Pimax 5k+ two weeks ago.
I’m very very happy to received the headset.

I have no problems with my glasses, updated my graphical card by a RTX 2080

I’m very happy to have been a backer for this project !

CONGRATS AND THANKS TO ALL PIMAX TEAM MEMBERS and people who have worked on it !

I will post other topics later (unable to play ED ;( )


Glad to hear you aren’t having issues. If anything pops up you can check here for solutions:


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https://community.openmr.ai/t/solved-help-setting-up-elite-dangerous-to-run/15860 got mine working (the setup room in pitools).

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May I ask your IPD? Are you having eyestrain?

I set IPD to 64, sometimes try to change value to see if it is “better”.
Currently no eyestrain but I did not played long hours !
I do not have controllers and lighthouses.
I spend lots of time to test several values with pitools and steam to have correct FPS.
I used Revive and most Oculus games crashed before I remove it.

Thanks, I will have a look to it !

Hello, room setup did the trick, thanks !
I was able to play lots of games, DCS is amazing !
I did not spent lots of time on ED now, was excited to check if other applications were ok :grinning:

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Thank you, I’m so happy to see these kind of topics :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum:


I have my 5K+ for a while now too and I am also incredibly happy with it. Remeber: Usually people only come to forums if something is not working. The rest is playing VR games. :slight_smile:


@Thoemse thats nice, I remember you being a Grumpy McGrumpyface.
But yeah I’m quite happy with the 5k+ too.

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Haha. Nice one. Yeah I was pretty damn pissed about being one of the last t actually get it. The HMD totally delivers though. It was worth the wait.


I will try to write a review soon BUT last Week end I used my Lenovo Explorer and … WOW !?

How is it possible to be happy with it after using Pimax 5K+ ?

I remember when I tryed Pimax for the first time I did not thought Wow it is wonderful because FOV was so “natural”

Now I’m sure that I have a wonderfull product !