Thank you Kevin for the live show with Sebastian

Felt like you were honest and did not try to hid problems that could come or you knew about and explained what and how you and the Pimax team tried to do it better.


Yes a great interview


Glad you enjoyed it. For all those who missed it, here it is again:

Bye, Sebastian


Well done and a nice peek into Pimax. Also great that the community joined in :+1:
Bit of time required but there’s always the 2X option :smile:


2 freakn hours? bro. You take longer than Pimax delivery.


Yeah it was the best MRTV show I have seen, thanks Kevin @PimaxUSA answering those difficult questions :beers:


I might watch it now . What are the highlights ?

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Sebastian @mixedrealityTV can you make timestamps for the highlights, if you have time?


Most of the hot questions were in the end of the video, in the last 1/3.


Some points off the top of my head

  • new controller and headstrap design at GTC (mid march)
  • delivery date of lighthouses is unknown because of 3rd party
  • black dot panels can be RMA’d on a case by case basis
  • stretch goals will be delivered in one shipment
  • better face pads in the making
  • cables are now undergoing more QA testing
  • good progress on the wireless module
  • improved logistics planned
  • cracked housing units can be sent in for repairs, old production runs had quality issues
  • Kevin now approves official statements
  • background on the aliip story

Probably missed a lot but that’s what you get with 2X, there are also details about how Pimax operates and estimates when products will be ready.


Thank you @mixedrealityTV


Kevin looks like he needs to get some sleep :zzz:


He looked perfectly fine in 144p to me :smile:. Could be that he has to compromise in order to collaborate with HQ. Once the US office’s area of responsibilty becomes more indepent that should change.

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I wanted to join the party but had an 4 hour phone call with my best friend :crazy_face: At least now i am up to date with the latest women fashion of the season and all the important questions are answered :rofl:

As Trevor said best show so far from Sebastian. @mixedrealityTV thanks for not letting him off the hook this is how questions normaly should be asked :+1:
As a backer of the the full package waiting for base stations and controllers the answers especially regarding the base stations don’t look very promising.
Aside from the headset with QA problems nothing else seems to be really finished. mmhh


Hi Sebastian, that was a really good session !

One queston - I believe you mentioned some other clip where you and Kevin are talking about the 8K(X) for 20 minutes. Where can I find that clip ?

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Should come tomorrow or so.

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Enjoyed the interview very much thank you Sebastian and Kevin

Unfortunately I am not aware of a 20 minute clip by Sebastian on the 8KX. In case you have missed it, there was a 4 minute segment on VR Roundtable.

I think it will be in the interview (People in XR) which Sebastian mentioned too, to which @Skidrow pointed me.

Insider information, I see. Us penny pinchers will have to wait.