Testers: what's better for experiences/RPGs/non-sim gaming?

Making this topic because opinions are changing and I’m struggling to keep up with all the information.

My question to @SweViver, @mixedrealityTV and @VoodooDE is which headset they’d prefer to use for RPGs such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 or experience such as The Lab and The Invisible Hours?

There’s been a lot of talk specifically about movies or simulation games, but I was wondering what your different opinions were for these more accessible experiences (the kind of stuff you could play on PSVR. SuperHot might be another good example).

I love these kind of games with my Vive, but I honestly struggle to imagine which is more important to them: clarity and up close detail or less SDE.

Thanks for any help!


You can find the answer to your questions by going to their channels and watching their videos! They already answered these questions…

MRTV Live #31: The Pimax Decision: 8K Or 5K Plus ? Which Is The Better Headset And Why?

Pimax 8K & 5K+ Performance Boost Benchmark & Rendering Improvement Update!

Pimax 8K vs 5K+ Through The Lens Comparison - Pimax 5K+ vs 8K Pixel Matrix Analysis


I watched the 2 SweViver videos but he seemed focussed on Sims, I wasn’t sure about other types of games that probably don’t have dials or “realistic” heads up displays.

Do you know where in the MRTV video he talks about these types of games? I know overall he prefers the 5K+, and in his original review he did some comparisons of Skyrim distance details, but with the pitool updates and how this contradicted with what SweViver put in his videos I wasn’t sure if the issue with distant objects lacking details was now fixed.

Let me boil it down for you…

MRTV and Voodoo don’t think highly of the 8K. They clearly think the 5K+ is a better unit… Sebastian from MRTV however made one concession on the 8K and that is only for watching videos and porn.

SweViver says the 8K is better for video & porn and for simulators where if you want to see small distant objects in detail the 8K is better. In all other cases, the 5K+ is better.

“RPGs such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 or experience such as The Lab and The Invisible Hours?” - they said they prefer the 5K+ for these games… multiple times.

"clarity and up close detail or less SDE " -Sebastian was clear he chose the 5K+ because of clarity of the 5K+ and the distortions isses of the 8K. Feels the SDE between the two units isn’t that great! Martin also, chose the 5K+ for clarity of those type of games. Again, they have said this multiple times now in their videos, their chat forums and on these forums.

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There apparently have been some improvement regarding the 8K. For your use, the 5K+ is probably the best fit. Right now, the 8K is best for watching movies and for those who want to minimize SDE. Note that there’s not as much difference with SDE with 5K+ and 8K as originally expected (due to G/RB subpixel arrangement).

I say right now, because there is still the possibility of changes which might affect this.

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Thanks for this. Sorry I know it seems like I’m treading old ground, just getting confused with the sheer amount of information and speculation flying around.

For what it’s worth, VoodooDE has reportedly changed his mind and is now backing the 8K, so I don’t know if what you’ve said applies to his new viewpoint.

So overall the consensus is for these types of games clarity is more important. That’s interesting for games such as Skyrim and Fallout4 with their sprawling environments, I would have thought that lower SDE would be more important for immersion (and according to SweViver that the 8K is better for that distant detail).

As I mentioned in some of the videos, games like Skyrim and simplier Unity/Unreal games tend to look better on the 5K+ mostly thanks to the clarity, which is most likely because of the pixel pattern and native (kind of native) resolution.


Thank you so much for the clarification, and all your amazing work on the comparisons!!

Sorry if this question doesn’t make sense (and if not just ignore it), but is there any more detail you can share as to why they look better with the increased clarity? From your fantastic and extensive videos with macro picture comparisons the main differences seem to be when you look very close to things like displays or details in the environment, especially text. In RPGs or unity games there seem to be much less of these obvious detailed parts of the UI close to the player (or sometimes much less detail in the game entirely), so is there anything else that jumps out as making the 5K+'s image so much better?

A lot of people are hypothesising that it takes looking up close or focusing on specific details to pick up on the clarity differences (which isn’t representative of gameplay out of simulation type games), but favouring Skyrim or unreal/unity games for the 5K+ seems to contradict that.

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Clarity is not only sharpness. Its the “native” look of things. If you change the resolution of your PC monitor from native 4K to for example 1440p. the image will still be quite sharp but the clarity will be gone - that native look. And no matter what game you play, you will see that more or less to a certain degree.

For movies this is not really a problem, but I will cover that in my upcoming video.


Didn’t voodoo switch to 8k recently though


He did. (20 characters)

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i tried set my monitor from 1920x1080 to 1440x900, so the image from 5k+ to 8k is similar to this or more in clarity
then i understand

Let’s hope the 8K X goes well then, as I like all of the above types of games and viewing, except for porn. I’d never do that.
hides 3D Porn folder on D: drive
whistles nervously
looks around
runs away