Testers: what res does 8K need for it to match 5k+ clarity?

Seen lots of reports of testers saying the 5k+ is clearer than 8k, but 8k has less SDE. Also that 8k could possibly match the 5k+ clarity if you ran the app/game at a higher resolution, then when it’s down scaled and upscaled it could come close to the 5k. What is The possible resolution that could do this? Can we get some screen shots on how close you could get?


I suspect like this, next question is does the RTX can do that?
May wait the review from sweviver after getting the new gpu soon.

It’s possible only with 8K X without upscaler chip and with native 4K resolution.

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@SweViver mentioned in his review that the 8K needs ~50% higher rendering quality to look as good as the 5K+

But at 150% supersampling does the 5k+ still look better than the 8k? Can the 8k ever “catch up” with the 5k+?

I can’t answer as I haven’t tested them

I know, those are the questions I still have based on sweviver’s (and the other testers’) statements. As it stands I’ll have to stick with 5k+.

I wish the testers don’t just talk about it, but show the pictures of what happened if you jack up the rendering on the 8K and compare that to the 5K Plus. Show us a picture of the cockpit with 8K using Pitool 1.5 and 5K Plus with Pitool 1.0. I would like to see pictures of zoom in and out.