Terrible resolution

why has my pimax such terrible resolution
when i finally got it working (after 2 days of trying) it seems that i am looking through the wrong end of binoculars ,OK you might have gotten rid of the screen door effect but there is now way of changing focus also the recenter button does nothing also why is there no tech support ?? say teamspeak or skype ?

With the recent PiPlay, it should not have taken so long to set up.
And the resolution, I can speak only for myself, is crystal clear.

Whenever I follow these steps, detection is quick:

I do it this way:

First, uninstall PiPlay that you have installed. After the uninstall you can delete the folders in the “program files” and “C:\Users\ xxx\AppData\Local\ Pimax”

Restart your PC

install the hardware.

Install the latest version of PiPlay - MEGA

Disconnect the internet
Disable the antivirus

Start the installation as “administrator”
Pimax led will start red, then green and finally blue.
install REVIVE, STEAM VR and Oculus software.

After all installed, I recommend BIGSCREEN or VIRTUAL DESKTOP to use with everything, including “non VR” games.
I prefer Virtual Desktop, though BIGSCREEN does not cost anything.

The IPD is kind of weird in Pimax, try something smaller, between 55 and 62.
I use IPD 55.


You did find the IPD setting in piplay ? Does your serial start with 100 or 102 ?

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WHY would ii have to disconnect the internet
why install oculus software i am not at all interested in non vr games I just want to fly my flight simulator ( the only reason i spent 450 bucks on this thing
why install revive
yes I have installed steamVR
There is no clear explanation why any of this is necessary
and that link is not the latest software it is now PiSetup_1.2.97_x64
do i plug the pimax usb into a usb 2 or 3.0 port
I should not have to be asking all these questions
What ever happened to plug and play i should not have to be a computer guru to get thigs to work as they are promised

yes i found the IPD makes no difference to the focus i am looking through a dirty fish bowl

There’s an old batch of Pimax with bad lenses. Did you buy yours new or 2nd hand ?

i bought it new ( from China

yes NEW from china 450 bucks

Then I’m out of idea’s. I’m not sure if support is available in the weekends, but normally @PIMAX-Support is here to assist, keep in mind chinese hours though. He’ll help you out with a skype session or teamviewer session if it’s needed.

do they have teamspeak or skype contact ?

what is @PIMAX-Support how to i i get it

He’s a forum user here, now that we’ve addressed him he’ll assist when he’s online. Again, keep in mind Chinese hours (they’re sleeping right now) and I have no idea if they work outside business hours (it’s weekend). He’ll contact you and then will help you out.

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Disconnecting the internet is just an added precaution for disabling anti virus.

It is reccommended to disable Anti virus as sometimes it may prevent some files from unatalling (false positive)

Support will need you to post the following:

Windows version 7 8 or 10
Cpu & ram
Gpu & driver version
Piplay version & headset firmware
Headset serial (first 3 numbers 100 or 102)

Do you have vision modifiers (far or short sighted)

ATI RX 480
piplay 1.2.97
heaset serial 100
I always run everything in administrator mode
and never use glasses ( if they are the vision modifiers you speak of) 8gigram

also 32 gb ram 1 TB ssd drive

I recently recall @Aureltouch posted 16.2? I think for recommended ati driver. When have time will look.

do you mean ati radeon version 16.02 as opposed to v 17.7.2 ?

Heres the link


Roll back to the driver above & see if you get better results.

Not sure what driver i am using atm but have the r9 390

I cant roll back drivers it wont let me it keeps installin update driver

can you explain why i have to install oculus home and Revive ?