Taste may be coming to VR (eventually)

It looks like smell is not the only sense that scientists are trying to synthesize. I wonder if Pimax will ever offer a Taste module?


This is some very interesting technology but it also seems kind of gross to be putting your tongue repeatedly on something that could have lots of germs on it. It would have to be cleaned/sanitized regularily.


If it were adapted for regular use, it would need to be much thinner. Perhaps some sort of disposable (1-time use) pad could be developed. I doubt something like this would be something we would regularly use in our homes, but I could see it as a gimmick used in VR amusement parks or maybe as a peripheral for some sort of cooking VR game.

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I bet they could do this with your smell receptors. This is how simulating smell should be done. Not weird cartridges with vapor lol.


How closely did you read the article? They are using a “weird cartridge” filled with agar gels.

Yes, there are only 5 flavors which blend, but personally, I don’t want gels squirted into my nose! :laughing:

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Wait what?


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