Swords of Gargantua

So I was thinking about picking this one up on steam. But then I noticed that it is cross buy , on oculus and quest. I’m pretty sure ill get in on Oculus Home.

Does anyone know if this game supports revive, or if pimax’s pitool will run it?

Getting the oculus version may be ideal because I saw on the games disccusion forum, that the steam version doesnt have joystick support on the index controllers. (God damned vive wands)
so playing it through revive or something simialr may allow me to use the pimax with joystick control.

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PiTool “should” be able to run the Oculus version. If so, it’s likely that you won’t need to enable the Parallel Projection option in PiTool. When PP is disabled you will typically get a ~20-30% framerate boost, but many SteamVR games require PP to be enabled.


If it’s an older game should be fine. There is a game compatability list for revive.