Sword Sense Controller Update

Sword Sense Controller Update
October 1st, 2021

We failed to achieve the required level of capability and precision despite repeated attempts to enhance the finger tracking nor joystick capability for Sword Controller. The finger tracking sensors are indeed present in Sword controllers, but third-party Capsense, Joystick nor extra “B” button were not properly supported by SteamVR today, which is why HTC kept the previous design when they launched the second edition Wands (Touchpad design, without any Joystick, Capsense feature or an additional button).

The major reason is that there are certain compatibility difficulties when the sword controller sends commands to SteamVR. To overcome this issue, we require SteamVR to expose more interfaces for third-party hardware, which takes time. For the same reason, the “B” button, which was also included in the Sword Sense version, will not be released at this time.

We have not abandoned the Sword Sense project entirely and if there is an opportunity to complete it with additional third-party support, we will give the software and drivers another go. If we are successful in developing a fully functional Sword Sense Controller our backers will be given a special discount to purchase this version. If there are more developments we will be sure to let the community know.

As we could not confirm with the exact time frame when will be the Sword Sense can be fully developed (as this required development support from Pimax & Steam) we have decided to only release the trackpad version. We understand some of you may be disappointed with this decision and we sincerely apologize to those of you interested in a joystick version.

As a result, we are again offering refunds to those who request it. Those who want refunds please create a service ticket using this link: Submit a ticket : Pimax Support
In the title please use “Sword Refund for backer number xxx” (replace xxx with your backer number). All requests for refunds must be made before November 30th, 2021. Those we do not receive a request from and still have an outstanding order for Sword controllers will receive the trackpad edition.

For those who do not want to receive the trackpad edition or a refund you can also choose to add $179 and receive a pair of Index Controllers.

Please file a ticket with our Customer Service Team to request the index controller upgrade option. Submit a ticket : Pimax Support

We sincerely apologize on behalf of Pimax to Backers who got an email from Customer Service that had some mischaracterizations about the project and was inadvertently released before all the information was included.

Thank You,
Your Pimax Team.