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I’m pleased to say the the Pimax team have moved swiftly to organise sending my controllers which had not yet arrived.

However, after reading various comments in the forum here about the controller lacking buttons compared to modern current generation controllers (this controller was initially designed back in 2018, over six years ago now so it’s a dinosaur before I even receive it… LOL) I’m concerned about compatibility.

Currently i’m interested in playing NMS after I realised I can’t play the game in VR with just an XBOX controller or my keyboard and mouse for some absolutely nonsensical reason that only Hello Games knows.

Can I COMFORTABLY (no hacks or shenanigans) play No Man’s Sky with these old controllers?

Does anyone have any experience as to whether these controllers are as poor as couple of people besides Heliosurge seem to suggest?

Are there any notable titles that these controller can or can’t be used for?

Thanks in advance for any info.


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Checkout this thread on Steam

Most games are setup to be able to use Vive Wands meaning you can use Sword controllere.

HL:Alyx is even able to do single vr controller.

Can you play No Man’s Sky on Vive wands/Pimax Swords? Sure. Do games still support the old Vive wands? Generally. Or at least the community will have figured out key bindings to get them to work like Heliosurge has linked to.

A game like No Man’s Sky already struggles to have enough buttons even on the Index controllers though.

For everyone I have known that has had Vive wands, their highest priority quickly became upgrading to Index controllers as soon as possible. None of them kept the wands for very long. Even friends who were poor and could scarcely afford to do the upgrade. They were that motivated.

So to answer your question as to whether No Man’s Sky can be played on sword controllers comfortably? I doubt it. It’s arguably not all that comfortable even on Index controllers. Sword controllers will surely be less so.

Playing NMS on Index is bad enough. Give me hotas/rudder or give me death :grinning:

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Agreed. One big issue with NMS and other games not built for VR. Is trying imho to try and mix Roomscale/standing with seated experiences is not ideal.

Different control concepts and might be interesting to navigate from roomscale to say a motion rig. The holodeck is simply not ready yet. :beers::wink::vulcan_salute::sparkles:

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Oh wow. How bad the Vive wands are to use in modern games is even a meme in Thrillseeker’s latest video:

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