Switching between PP and back

This is probably user error but I’m having very little success switching between apps needing PP and then back. I’m using the per game settings and applying them and saving them but can’t get it to switch to PP without going to PiTool and doing it. Same with turning off PP. Any suggestions?


You need to restart SteamVR in between changes.


But with PE, it exits out of SteamVR. Then I load new game needing PP, with settings saved and applied and it doesn’t change to PP. Or vice versa when it is set to PP, exit game and SteamVR, then want to load game not using PP, it won’t turn PP off unless I go to PiTool and manually change PP.


You have to enable PP for each game that needs it. I.e.

  1. Find game
  2. Edit profile
  3. Save (I always hit apply too, but that shouldn’t be needed)
  4. Start game

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing. No idea why it isn’t working. Steam Menu in PE. Find game, game specific settings, PP enabled, save, apply, start game…No PP. Unless I enable in PiTool like old way.

Is there some universal setting that is overriding per game setting?

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Weird. Not to my knowledge.

Might need to check the log:


What version of Pitool do you have installed? Do you have the brightness firmware installed?