SweViver: RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti on Pimax 5K+ VR Game Benchmarks

Hey guys! Sorry my downtime last days… been busy finishing this video :slight_smile:
I have made VR Benchmark of 10 VR games with RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1080 Ti on Pimax 5K+.
At the end of the video, Im giving you my conclusions!
Let me know what you think and please give the video some love, took me 3 days to make it hehe… :heart:


Will takeva look in a bit. But as they say awesome as akways.

Hey can you reccommend a base line setting that will work for a wide range of games.

Ie 1070 Small FoV Pitool 1.5 SteamVR SS 50%
1080 ti Normal FoV Pitool 1.75 SteamVR SS 55%
1080 ti Wide FoV Pitool 1.75 SteamVR SS 44%

I know @Sean.Huang has posted a guide on some games setting & would reccommend users pre setting reccommendations in SteamVR per Application settings prior to running them.


Thanks for the great tests :slight_smile: :+1:
Let’s look at the results here for a visual comparison::



That’s Awesome! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


As we see the Croteam engine is superb.
Shoutout to Davor, Roman, Alen, Damjan and Old man Murray!


Yep Serious Sam 3 imorovements were really impressive!

I realized that the bars for SUPERHOT looks a bit strange lol. Numbers are good but the propotions looks weird. Damn Excel, i hate it lol…


Nice Video. Man I hope nvidia hurries up with the 3080TI :slight_smile: If those asses hadn’t waited so long with the 2xxx series we’d already be on that.


@SweViver Very good comparison, well done!
Don’t hate me for saying it felt like the best comparison video in terms of execution.
As expected the RTX gives a certain expensive edge over the 1080ti but is still not powerful enough to change the overall experience significantly.


Thank you for video, do you think we can get both sharpness and frame rate for 8k at the same time? I suspect about this because 2080TI can’t make great refresh rate in high piTool setting. May be get sharpness for other game which not use much spec.

And has pimax update version for sharpness for 8k already?

I feel I have to give up my expectation with 8k and wait 8k+ and 3080TI in the future (except pimax can improve their rendering or use foveated rendering to get more performance, or may use the low refresh rate mode and brainwarp)…

Big fov is for sitting on the beach and looking the sunset and be relax without playing anything.


You mean because we need an 2080ti anyway?

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Thanks for info @SweViver! I’m starting to think you’re secretly Canadian with how often you say sorry. Actually I’m being presumptuous, sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

“This beautiful piece of electronics does not come for free though”

Great. Now you tell me. I’m out then.


Thanks for the video!

Can you do the same for DCS and assetto corsa?

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@PimaxVR Can you show the tested benchmark which be 60-70% faster?


Nice review Sweviver, have appreciated the very balanced and intelligent conclusions and recommendations.

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Really nice and unbiased video! Are you going to cover flightsims later? I would love to see 9900 paired with 2080ti and 1080ti and see if it´s cpu or gpu that makes a difference with these sims.

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Only Serious Sam shows a worthwhile improvement (of games tested)

Generally nothing else does except for games that are so simple they are already great on a 1080Ti anyway, or games that are so tough that even with a 2080Ti they’re unplayable.

So basically: waste of money, not recommended.

My comments:

  1. I can’t believe this is the first negative video I’ve ever seen by SweViver… so it must be bad!!

  2. This has made up my mind about 5K+ now as the 2080Ti can’t save the 8K.

  3. All of this only on normal FOV? This is depressing. Was TomsHardware right to give Pimax a shit review?


maybe the rtx 2070 is optimum for now, we will hear plans of the 8KX this october, maybe they wont even release it as unusable.

@SweViver, good comparison, you did there. I have one question though, not related to the VR, but to your rig, which you shortly flashed in the vid.

I noticed you have EVGA 1000 G2, and since you overclock both the CPU, and the GPU, have you tried to measure the peak power consumption of your system?

I am currently shopping for a new PSU, and your usage is basically my model case, so your numbers would help me a lot.


Remember that this is a overclocked 1080ti vs a non overclocked (I assume) 2080ti