SweViver: Pimax For Dummies #1 - New series with Pimax update news, hints, tweaks, tutorials and more!

Hey guys! Nov 1/2018
I’m starting a new series that I will try to maintain at least once a week or twice a month, with latest news regarding Pimax updates, improvements and progress, new hints and tweaks, recommendations, step by step tutorials and more :slight_smile:

In this video, I have added topics such as a full step-by-step tutorial for manual Pimax firmware update (in case something goes wrong with your headset), tweaking PiTool & SteamVR for best image quality in SteamVR Dashboard (including a few through-the-lens examples), information about the current SteamVR beta problems and some more.

00:00 Intro talk
01:39 The new PiTool update version 101.90
02:31 My recommended PiTool settings
04:00 The PiTool options explained in-deep
08:14 Problem with latest SteamVR Beta and Pimax headsets
10:04 Improve SteamVR Dashboard image quality
11:55 Full Tutorial: Manual Pimax Firmware Flash/Update
17:40 New PiTool glitch affecting Pimax headset LED lights
18:14 End talk

Let me know what you think about this idea :slight_smile: This is just a first episode, and I’m sure I will include much more valuable stuff in the upcoming videos.

Premiere starting in 15 minutes:

And yes, of course I’m working on new VR benchmark videos (sims and games), don’t worry :wink:

Again?! Sims? Please…, when do we get some Pimax 5k+ Virtual Desktop reviews?! This is like the 10th time i ask for it…


No sims this time :slight_smile:

Mate, do you know how much time it takes to complete a video about desktop work? Its more complicated than doing the “watching movies on Pimax video”. I need to research things, test stuff, record, script, record voice, edit etc…
I spend several days on each video, please have some patience, its really not that easy…


Oke, thanks :blush: (20 characters)


I think it’s great!!! Thank you!


A few have already did bigscreen beta :beers::wink::sunglasses::sparkles:

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Yeah I covered some of it in the watching movies on Pimax video… but desktop work… Im not really sure which applications I should test except normal desktop work

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Hi sweviver, I am an avid watcher of your videos, and enjoy them thoroughly.

But if you are doing that type of series you will need to make it more generic in nature and don’t focus to much on numbers or performance, Otherwise all of your suggested ‘tweaks & settings’ for best clarity/fps will be subjective based solely on your rig setup and won’t represent your viewers own setups.

Just my opinion on this. But always keen on new vr content offerings.

If your looking for some ideas, How about comparison video on ALL current headsets you have tried that claim to be Gen 2 models. Sde, comfort, wins, fails, price point, consumer market, etc… So people can make informed decisions about the next step!

Another one could be on vr periferals… Same idea as above

Good luck



Indeed. I think most would be happy just to see maybe some web page views with maybe a screen or two running word processor &/or a graphics editor.

For desktop usuage the 5k+ is definitely a better choice as the clarity will be easier on the eyes for long sessions reading text. 8k could do it but on this the 5k+ has the edge. Imho

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Indeed should be more default settings.

I do know some games do need to reduce the FoV to run properly as the menus & some in game issues present themselves

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Yes thats the kind of thing I’m talking about, if Marcin came across a game that needed pitool render lowered and steamvr lowered like Ethan Carter for instance then an explanation that even on a pc using an overclocked 9900 it still is not optimized and is not recommended at this stage. No need for specifics on numbers as the odds someone else has the exact same setup with the same overlooking is going to be in the 1% of his viewers

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Ill tell you few examples lol: Visual Code, some random project with some code to see if text is perfectly readable with the 5k+.

@SweViver, some of us actually care of other stuff than just gaming/movies, like codding in vr. Some of us, including myself we’re super curious about this and thats why i put “pressure” on you a lot, so you can do this kind of video faster. VR headsets its not just games/movies. Some of us actually like to be productive using those.


It is very good that someone cared to teach how not to have a hard time the first day you get the 8K/5K+ :expressionless:, thanks @SweViver :+1: , I could not use it until the next day although in my case I used the application of @Sjef that is much simpler

This is what I used: MEGA


@SweViver Hi Marcin,
i think what allocen is saying here is he would be interested in your impressions of desktop apps that have text and graphics that are on standard white backgrounds, or small application icons on coloured backgrounds. if you are unable to use Visual studio for the visual code, then you can download notepad++ to open code into. also try MSWord with the top ribbons enabled - how are the icons and text on the coloured background? when creating tables in programs, do the lines in the tables have SDE?

also things like running multiple apps are you able to switch between them without tearing or issues… that sort of thing?

correct me if im wrong @allocen?



Thanks for the video series . will be super useful as headsets arrive

In the YouTube comment section … Star Vr asks… would you do a video on how to setup the Pimax with the Vive saterlites and controllers? Great video, looking forward to the rest of the series.

Seems he might be like me and decided not to wait for the Pimax controllers to arrive and will purchase the VIVE just for the controllers… this video would be really helpful as I really don’t want to also learn how to work the VIVE since I seriously doubt I’ll use the VIVE HMD.

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Thanks for the video , great idea !! Especially good for vr noobs like me!! :+1:

I wrote the flasher because the original Pimax dfuse tool has some quirks and can be a bit more difficult to use, for example when you’re stuck in DFU mode or when the flasher simply fails (without a clear error) because there’s for example a space or non Western character in your directory name. My flasher auto detects the HMD and auto detects the state it’s in, making everything very easy to use.

Great to see my flasher works fine with both the Pimax 8k and 5k+


Hey just looked ovee your video. Very nice.

A user recently explained Hidden Mask to leave it on. Unless necessary as it usually a hidden dev option.


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Yep, I actually saw the video already and told SweViver the same I told you about the hidden area mask :slight_smile:

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