SweViver interview: Pimax VR headsets from a VR game developer's perspective (Fast Travel Games)

Hey guys! Here is a short interview I made earlier this Friday afternoon, with the VR game developers Fast Travel Games (the makers of the VR game Apex Construct), who tested all three Pimax VR headsets for the first time ever today.

The interview is made with Andreas Juliusson, Erik Odeldahl, Daniel Kihlgren and Martin Larsson from Fast Travel games. I was invited by them today to check out some upcoming VR games they are working on at their office in Stockholm. I also tested their game Apex Construct on an Oculus Quest. But the important thing here is that we played around a lot with all my three Pimax VR headsets during the day, which I brought with me from home.

So this interview is basically Fast Travel Games’ first impressions of Pimax 5K+, Pimax 8K and Pimax 5K XR OLED headsets. I hope you will find it interesting :slight_smile:

FYI, this interview was not really planned and I just came up with the idea in the last hour while being at their office, so its not super professionally made. Bey hey, next time I will try to come up with some better questions :wink:

The video is not public listed on my channel, as I’m not sure if I should post it there (let me know what you think). But for now, at least you can check it out here :slight_smile:

Have a lovely Friday night everyone!


Very nice review & still quite polished, considering you said it’s wasn’t planned. Just shows you have been doing this for quite sometime & know your stuff.

I’d say publish; it’s very good & gives users a rare opportunity to see behind the scenes with a dev perspective! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Nice review! Do you think their reported distortions are IPD related? What they described sounded very reminiscent of all the early IPD troubleshooting.


Why not?

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Thanks man. Hehe nah it was a spontaneous quickie only, but I appreciate your kind words!
Not sure if its worth posting on the channel, and I need to get an approval from the devs as well, as I never told them I will post it anywhere else than in the Pimax forums.

Thanks. Not really sure. But I guess they mean the outer edge blur, which of course is still there even if its getting better and better with updates.

…well… basically because I want to keep the channel only with videos I feel have some sort of value to the audience. Less is more


Your welcome. But if not on your channel at least if they approve your Paetron.


Sure its on my Patreon already but most havent seen it yet :slight_smile:

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Well definately thank you for sharing with us. You do have a good talent with Interviewing; but you already demonstrated this at the Berlin meetup. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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