SurveyMonkey legit?

Hi, I’ve been away for a good few months but I just got an email which stated my device is ready to ship…

I originally chose 8k but deiced to go with the 5k+

The email was text only with a link to a “3rd Information Survey,” generic SurveyMonkey form and asked for personal details like shipping address and phone number. It had no branding or even a confirmation screen to confirm that all information was entered correctly.

It also asked for the same information twice on two separate pages.

Anyone know if this is the legitimate way of confirming?

You are kickstarter backer right? Did you confirmed your info before?

Your info might didn’t confirmed yet.(you should received your tracking number if you confirmed your address already )

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If your a kickstarter then yes we did get survey from Surveymonkey.


yes I am a kickstarter backer.

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Im backer 67xx which suggests I do get a mail around this time…

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