Support Ticket 19,500 no response after 2+ Days!


Long story short this ticket was opened to send back my 5K+ Loaner unit. I provided proof that I am a backer with an email from confirming my 8KX Backer status.

I just want to ship my 5K+ back ASAP since apparently I won’t receive my 8KX until I do and I don’t want to be late in the que for getting my 8KX shipped. Please assist.

Calm down they have so many tickets… My ticket is open since 2 weeks now…

Why is it still open then? @nukular

My issue is actually easy to resolve I just need 2 things.

  1. Return Label
  2. Instructions on how to send it back

Simple not enough staff to take on the massive inbound tickets.

To be honest I expect to wait but I don’t want to be the last person to receive my 8KX because Pimax won’t tell me how to ship my loaner back.

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Do we generally know how long to wait before we need to take extra steps? I don’t want to be a part but I do want confirmation someone has acknowledged my ticket.


@generic @Matthew.Xu

I still waiting for a reply from matthew since a week now , my ticket(s) is open since 2 month…

Don’t worry you are not alone about that.

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Hello Gilles33366,

Did you ticket resolved by our team? Please kindly let us know if there isn’t any action on the ticket.

Have a nice day.



The problem was resolved a long time ago.
Can you close this thread if no one post on it ?