Support Site Down?

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guys I was trying to be patient but its been a few days now. whats up with the pimax support site?

  • old login not accepted anymore
  • passwort reset disabled
  • new account not getting recognized, no confirmation email nothing

doman and sean wont reply to pms either. anyone with better luck? can you guys login to your support account?

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Forum account /
store account /
support account/
All three are separate.

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yes I know. still neither my existing nor my new support account do work on the support site since days.

I still have a rma headset here (deadpixel, loose part inside) and I need a replacement again for that (broken headphone jack) so I want to send two hmds back together after I get my second replacement. and sean even told me to send him an email because the support side is broken. but noone does answer to anything at the moment.

Had an issue where depending on browser login is “username” instead of “Email adress”. (Weird but fact)
Using another browser did the trick for me as I could not recall a username as such.

I dont know. “Password reset is disabled for your account” sounds like they disabled my account on pupose? Still no message whatsoever on mail or PM. First supen was answered in 2minutes! :frowning:

Im waiting now for almost over a month for Aby reaction on when they will send my replacement hmd.

Pimax got hacked. The hackers weren’t able to view any of the information but they managed to mess up a lot of user records.

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Thanks a lot for this information Dave!

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