Support: Light houses / controllers


I backed the Kickstarter for a 8K headset (full package) on Kickstarter. I have read that you offer the index controllers for $179.

As I have backed the full package but downgraded to the 5k+ I was eligible to have a $100 voucher.

Am I able to use this voucher on the controllers so I am able to get the valve controllers for $79?

If this is the case I will pay the additional $79 to get the knuckles as I know the base stations are to be shipped in the next couple of weeks.

If someone could please answer this I would be great full.



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I had questions like you and i am still waiting for a reply from Pimax officials…

Next week…20 chars

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We will see… Whatever will be…

Hopefully they will do this?
I mean they still owe us from the Christmas 2017 expected date!!!
Let alone the fact they are offering knuckles for $179… plus my $100 dollar coupon they owe me.