Superman: Man of Tomorrow - Exclusive Official Trailer

Well, here is one of the films I worked on and releasing soon. For those that know about me, this will give you a better hint about my StarVR One purchase

Link: Superman: Man of Tomorrow - Exclusive Official Trailer - YouTube



Very cool. What work did you do? Did you do any animation? Decades ago I made several animated shorts (on super 8 or 16mm film).

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I did boards on this.

I have done animation, is too much work!


Personally I don’t really even like Batman but the Red Hood Movie was probably the best in terms of storytelling for the DCAU. I find the DCAU to be much better than the DC Live action films. Honestly if you work for them tell them to fire all the Live action people and just make 3D CGI movies.

That Blur trailer for DCU Online was probably the best thing they made. I liked Young Justice and Justice League : Gods and Monsters. Not sure if you know anyone who worked on those.

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I also worked on Young Justice. Live Action and the Animated are not related departments


Bring Wally, well it’s fine anyways your department is doing better than the other department. Tell them to scrap that other department.


Wally is dead and not coming back. That will defy the purpose of his death.

You are going to spark a whole war on the YJ Subreddit hahahaha.

Well, the thing is, on the one hand there is what people want, vs what is proper story with meaning. Different people have different views therefore the creators stick to story rather than caving to pressure of the fans

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