SUPEN-1750 - Received Pimax 5k+ loose in box - Request replacement

I just received my Pimax today. The components were literally loose in the box. The power adapter was not in the box. One of the other boxes were right up against the lens. Absolutely no foam padding in the box what so ever. @Pimax-Support @anon74848233

I’m terribly worried about how the beating it must have taken to get here and I would like to return for a replacement. I have not attempted to use the unit at all yet. I worry that even if it appears to work, that how long will that last given the lack of attention to shipping it safely. Please get back to me as soon as possible, with a return details, a shipping label, and where to send it for replacement.

I setup a support ticket (SUPEN-1750), but really would like a fast turnaround on a replacement so I’m email you as well.

I hope this message gets some traction with support.
Thank you.


@PimaxUSA Should not be on CNY so maybe he could also assist. I saw the pics. Looked pretty beat up in there.

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No foam in the box ? How is this possible ?@PimaxUSA

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Damb the worst of mine was a small black plastic flake that was under the lense. Thats just crazy. Plug it in and let us know if it works? Would be good to know if it could handle the stress and show us if ours can last. The plastic was not broke in any way? Keep us informed…

Thank you. I will certainly post the result of this post. I really don’t want to be the guinea pig for stress testing bad shipments. heheh. That really shouldn’t be a thing. But seriously, I don’t want to jeopardize being able to return it and having someone say it was my fault when clearly it was shipping. I just hope I can get a timely replacement, but I’m not hopeful honestly. I feel a little gutted right now honestly.

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Certainly shouldn’t be that way. I’m traveling back to the US Monday. When packages originate from the new office there will be a system to prevent that sort of thing but I can’t really weigh in on this specific instance. I will point this thread out to the team.

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Thanks you @PimaxUSA for replying to me. Once you get back in the office and get settled, would it be possible for you to take a personal interest in arranging a timely return shipment and replacement for me? That would mean a great deal in restoring my faith in Pimax at this point. All the best


What’s going on with Pimax? Obviously there is some internal issues brewing there. Are people rebelling against a Ceo dictator?

Heh, I think your comment takes the prize for most bizarre I’ve read yet.

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You definitely have to take time for humor in this world and my situation is not the end of the world or anything, but I would like to be assured that the shoddy shipment I received will get the immediate attention it deserves?

I’m also from the US and it took them nearly a month to just send me an address to return the broken one to before they would ship the replacement. I even asked them 25 days ago if I should send it back somewhere first. Their response was “we will contact you(confirm information) before shipping the replacement”, and I had to wait 3 weeks for that email just asking for my address they should already know, followed by another week before they informed me I needed to ship first. I hope it goes better for you, but don’t be surprised if you receive no responses for weeks

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Thanks for that valuable information. I’ve now updated my support ticket with my address, email, backer number, and serial number of the unit, based on your experience.
Can you tell me the return address they gave you?
I assume they sent you a prepaid shipping label since it was under warranty?
Are you saying they would not send you a replacement until they had received your unit or just that they could check the tracking number to show you had shipped it?
All the best.

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They said that when it is received and confirmed then they will ship the replacement. Also, they did not give a label but claim to reimburse cost of shipping up to $100 with invoice proof. I’ll pm you about the address

Thank you for the extra information and the address my friend. I’ll include it all in my support ticket, so there is literally no other information they need from me or to provide to me that might create a delay. I could not have done that without your replies man. Thank you! I can now only hope I get timely support, but guess that’s out of my control. I’m hoping @PimaxUSA can expedite it for me. All the best.

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@PimaxUSA @Pimax-Support … and then the support page gets a forbidden error. Go to and click on support and see. I can’t even bring up my support ticket now. I know they are on holiday, but this is very shoddy. Okay, back to waiting I guess.

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