SUPEN-1359 image issue with 5k+

I created last monday issue SUPEN-1359 after receiving my 5k+ last friday.

  1. I see a lot of blinking pixels (I would say 1%) on all the screen with different colors. It looks like flakes in the background
  2. I see white vertical stripes crossing-over the screen from top to bottom. It happens often : on average every 5 seconds. Mainly in the center of the screen.
  3. I see a black screen on average every 10 seconds.

My setup is gtx 1080 with last driver, core i7 32 Go Ram, Win 10.
I made a video :

No answer from support… after reading this forum I have contacted Dallas.Hao by email. And did new test. And now I can tell why I have these issues.

If I touch to the cable where it is connected to the headset then image can become worst (same issues but more frequent) or can disappear ! Unfortunately it is impossible to keep the cable in the right position, i need one hand for that. It confirms that my headset is the issue.

So now I am still waiting for news coming from pimax support.

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Remove the mask that holds the face cushion and double check that the connector is seated all the way into the headset…

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I’d like some explicit instructions for how to do this. I saw it in SweViver’s review but if I try to do the same it seriously does not budge and I am definitely going to break something by trying harder.
schöne grüsse!


I can’t do that either! I press as hard as I can but the cover won’t go down far enough to clear the cable.

Maybe this video helps ?

It seems Pimax has added some locks to the face mask that haven’t been in place on the Unit of @SweViver.

Now i don’t have my Pimax yet but by the look of it you have to turn them to the side to unlock the face mask.
At least that is what i get from the picture.

Edit: Here is the Unit from @SweViver clearly missing the locking bolts.


I don’t see the benefit to dismantle the headset. It looks so risky to break it. And once the cable is out, what do we do ? Plug in it back again.
Instead of that, I found one solution which works for now ! I changed the way my cable was attached along the headset, in order to let more length where the cable is connected. So the cable arrives perpendicular to the headset, which certainly improves the connection, and makes disappear all parasitic images.

It was just an answer to @shimmy because he couldn’t get his face mask as easily off as @SweViver.
So i had a look at some pictures and videos and noticed that there was a change and that it may be the cause why he can’t remove the mask. And yes some problems went away by simply reseating the cable so it may be worth a try.

Beside that it is always good to know how to disassemble something it may not be in your interest but some who want to mod their HMD or need to replace a faulty part still might find it interesting.:wink:

But good to hear that your solution also works for now.