Suggestion for preorder and consumer inclusions and pricing

I propose these inclusions and prices for the preorder and consumer models in USD, let me know what you guys think and if you don’t agree, why they should be changed.

5k standalone - $499 (Max KS Price $399)
5k+ standalone - $549 (N/A)
8k standalone - $599 (Max KS Price $499)
Vive Pro standalone price - $799

5k with basestations x2, with choice of controllers x2 - $799 (Max KS Price $699)
5k+ with basestations x2, with choice of controllers x2 - $849 (N/A)
8k with basestations x2, and choice of controllers x2 - $899 (Max KS Price $799)

Full package combo prices (including eye tracking module, Leap motion hand tracking module, headset fans, prescription frame and deluxe audio strap) .

5k with basestations x2 with choice of controllers x2, eye tracking module, hand tracking module, headset fans /w frame, deluxe audio strap and headphones - $1000
5k+ with basestations x2, with choice of controllers x2, eye tracking module, hand tracking module, headset fans /w frame, deluxe audio strap and headphones - $1049
8k with basestations x2 and choice of controllers x2, eye tracking module, hand tracking module, headset fans /w frame, deluxe audio strap and headphones - $1099 ($1 cheaper than vive pro package!)
Vive pro full package with deluxe audio headstrap and headphones - $1100

The headset fans and frame, hand tracking and eye tracking modules were included for kickstarter backers, the audio strap with headphones was $40 more on the stretch goals

These prices take into account the fact the 5k backers got a free 5k+ upgrade, the 8k was $100 more and the 8k backers got a $100 voucher, whilst also being very competitive and affordable to maximise the amount of people who can afford it.


Seems reasonable. Lets hope something like this is freezable with their production and management costs.


Yeah, sounds fair to me…

I don’t really a green truthfully.

I think they should match the price of the Vive Pro at the start and try to force HTC to drop the price.

I think they should try to make a decent proft.


Hardware is tough business. VR Hardware especially.

That said. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them do 50-100% increase on all prices from Kickstarter to recoup from unknown production costs that have occurred and to ensure that they can keep the lights on for the future.

That said, my prediction (HMD only):

5k (if they sell them versus just 5k+) : $599-$799
5k+ : $899-$999
8k: $1199-$1499

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I think they must be known by consumers, to do it the only thing they can is offer more quality at less price, so i think the standard kickstarter price is already good.

If they offer the visor at the same price as the oculus/htc, people will choose oculus/htc not for the quality itself but the brand name

Business: Brand --> Good Product (even if it’s shit)

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I hope they don’t price it that high for the HMD only. It be a good idea for them to price it low and have bunch of Vive people convert over.

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I propose you wait and see what they release for as your opinion means nothing, apart from I know best, I want I want etc + your posts made me yawn and turned me gay for 45 mins

It’s a conversation & has no harm in discussing ideas.

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Helen ok with that? 20

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This can be a chance to reduce the effective cost of vr so every people can afford it… remember that pimax is a chinese company, not everyone would spend so much money for a chinese product of a unknown brand (even if it’s good)

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Yeah, but the prices also depend on the expenses. So suggesting prices to them makes no sense IMHO.

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Yeah, Pimax have to think very carefully about that

This is not how you decide the price, there is a balance between the cost to produce, the benefit and what people are willing to pay.


Aye. Like I said before. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to see them priced at 50%+ than KS prices. Everyone should know that KS prices were going to be lower than Retail.

What I don’t get, is how people are trying to think that Pimax out the gate could hope to compete with Oculus/Vive prices. Maybe after they have established themselves a bit and have a foothold in the market sure. But everyone should be expecting to pay Early Adopter tax.

There are people willing to pay for StarVR One at $2k. Sure that sucker has more tech in it. But if elite consumers/prosumers are willing to pay that much for a solid product, than why shouldn’t Pimax consider their HMDs a quality product as well?

So what if they are a Chinese company… 95% of today’s tech comes from China and you don’t see cheap prices on new tech :slight_smile:


Well Sebastian(mixed reality tv) said yesterday in a videopost he got a mail from Robin Weng and he told him about planned retail prices for pimax headsets. But Sebastian would only share this information with his Patreons. I definitely would wonder if pricelist looks like you proposals and when it will be officially announced.

TBH, that sounds like click-bait to me.

Why would he give out that type of information out to some YTer? Sorry, no matter how big your YT channel, that sort of privileged information doesn’t seem likely to be given to you, unless intentionally as a leak.

Even then, there are better places to plant leaks from.