Suggestion..: dedicated piplay download page


I find the downloading of piplay for my 5k+ a bit difficult.
I am aware i can login to my account and download a version, but I would like to try some of the new beta drivers, and to be honest I had no success.
I found some named PiToolSetup_1.0.1.180.Beta and another one on the 8k forum ( i think ) but that did not recognize my 5k+ headset.
Long story short i can only use the driver v1.0.1.132 and this can detect the headset + base stations + vr hands and work.

but i can see there is a new one named v1.0.1.84 that i like to try but it dosent work. The problem is
when i install it it cannot detect my headset, and just say plugin hdmi/dp all the time, and it also cant find the base stations or handles ect.

I was wondering where do i find the latest driver and beta driver for the pimax 5k+ headset ?

How can that be newer than ?

84 < 132 in my world… :wink:

Anyway, The reason for .180beta not recognizing the headset might be that You need a newer Nvidia driver. If You have an Nvidia GPU.

Latest “stable” driver is .132 (which You can download here).

Latest “beta” driver is .180 which You can download from this forum post:

ha ha yes you are right… I must have looked wrong… but im glad im using the newest driver and that is a big improvement from previous once i think :wink:
But i could not get the 1.01.180beta to work it wont detect my pimax 5k+ or any devices. But i will try again another day, or when a new version become avaliable.

Anyway thank you for the help. :wink:

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You need to use the latest (or latest at release) Nvidia driver with .180… :wink:

No problem. You’re welcome… :wink:

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