Suggestion: Brainwarp 2.0 feature - x2 5:4 aspect ratio rendered slices blended together per eye to eliminate distortions and plastic aspheric or canted fresnel lenses in future models

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If Pimax considers looking into either Aspheric plastic lenses or canted fresnel lenses in a future 2020 release Pimax 8KX Special Edition, or 5K+/XR Pro and 8K Pro in 2020 (with the extra panel utilization of the 8KX and the new lenses, 1080p upscale for the 8K Pro {faster, less performance requirement and clearer image})

Blending two 5:4 display slices per eye in the Pitool rendering profile, similar to how StarVR does, would reduce distortion further and possibly eliminate it entirely, instead of stretching 5:4 images into 16:9 display? (Which gives the peripheral distortion effect)

There could be a 1080p and 2160p slice mode (1080p or 2160p per rendered slice. (4 total slices, 2k or 4k per eye in two slices), eliminating distortion by having x2 5:4 rendered images per eye, instead of stretching one 5:4 image over a 16:9 screen per each eye)


Sounds interesting. :slight_smile:

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