Suggestion: Automatic Pitool settings and saveable custom settings profiles for each game

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Pimax really needs better plug and play functionality to stand a chance at competing with other headsets on offer.

For that reason I suggest Pimax implements automatic settings for each game (low/medium/high quality and parrallel projections on and off).

At the very least Pitool should implement automatic low/medium/high quality settings for each game and a saveable custom settings profile for each game, so we have to only set the settings once for each game and then after that Pimax headsets become plug and play, or automatically plug and play with automatic low/medium/high quality settings.

I think this would be easier to implement compared to a recommended settings button which automatically configures each games settings in accordance with what your hardware can manage without frame drops.


Hello Mantidtings,

Thanks for the suggestion mate. We do appreciate that, as quite a number of users feedback the same suggestion as you mentioned. Our team will really look into this, and hopefully in future, we are capable to change the Pitool preferences. We knew it will be more convenient for user who doesn’t want to change settings everytime when you plug and play the games.

Somehow, we will forward this to the team. Maybe they can spark something out on this suggestion.

Have a nice day!



Perhaps Pimax should open a section where users can submit their settings for games and the ones that work well could be implemented into Pitool as default. Maybe not field of view settings, but things like compatibility settings (IE, Parallel Projections, Masking). The users can fine tune FOV to their liking. The main thing should just be making sure games are compatible and look correct by default.

For now, my spreadsheets are available. Batch files can be used to copy/paste SteamVR settings files.

I think setting things automatically could be done with scripted editing of SteamVR settings files.

EDIT: Topic here. Batch files are also part of the larger project.


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