Suggestion: Add Artisan Headphones By Demand

Dear community,

the Artisan really surprised me when I checked it out at CES 2020. It is a very capable headset and I liked it even more than the 5K Plus.

As far as the headphone situation is concerned, it seems that only the Nolo Version will come with the Pimax 4K headphones.

Wouldn’t it be nice to also allow those who want the $449 version to be able to add those headphones to their order, if they want? I am sure quite a few people would be happy to pay a few extra dollars to get these headphones!

Pimax could simply add this option, just as they add the option for Deluxe MAS headphones when ordering the 8K X.

What do you think of this suggestion? Bye, Sebastian


Indeed 499 with headphones would be nice.


The problem is if you then switch to MAS it will not work so they get sh*t for that.

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Its optional, he’s saying make it an option in the checkout.


Exactly, just make it an option for those who want that NOW.


I will discuss this with Robin and the team today or tomorrow. We have already been considering this and I think its a good idea Sebastian!


I found the headphones of the Pimax 4K to be very comfortable and the sound was very nice, but I’m not a sound expert. It wasn’t bad that’s for sure.


Yes they were very comfortable and the sound was also very good


I completely agree… though I don’t have much say in the matter at Pimax. Great meeting you and hope to see you in Germany.


Sebastian but do you think that the comfort kit plus headphones is a good and definitive solution, or would it be much better to use Artisan with the MAS?

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@PimaxUSA Dear Pimax, Sebastian has prepared a comparative video between Index and Artisan. When do you get him a PDF with the release law from the NDA as you announced many days ago?


Ask to MR ROBIN to send Backers Pimax 8K X attached to MAS

@mixedrealityTV opening the box. The box is not retail but

Look PIMAX 8K X - My First Impressions About Material, Build Quality & Comfort (Pre-Production Model) - YouTube

The MAS is attached to Pimax 8K X

Yeah, i would like to have these headphones available for the 5k+

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