Suggest for next headsets: Individual lenses

BigScreen Beyond provide Individual Mask, i think it is good idea. Anyway we buy cloth/shoes for our sizes.
Need go further: provide individual lenses. For example for 3 types of IPD: small, middle, large.
(May be even remove device to change IPD, so headset can be cheaper, smaller and lighter)
May be it will be easier to find sweet spot, and be more comfortable.

The down side of BBB’s approach is you have to have or know someone who has an Apple phone. That eliminates a lot of Android users. It is the one thing holding me back as I know absolutely no one with an Apple and even if an Apple store might assist the nearest one is in another city.

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No idea what the economics of scale would be, to manufacture and stock a minimally viably comprehensive range of lens options – I imagine moulding/grinding/polishing each and every lens bespoke, to customer recipe, and producing tailored distortion profiles for each, would turn out a luxury bracket proposition…

I think you can just tell Bigscreen what your IPD is and they’ll select the correct spacers. The gasket is rubber and can be trimmed bit by bit until you get the correct fit.

I don’t see that option on their site (on the contrary) and don’t find that on a search. Would appreciate any link confirming that. :smiley:

If headset can be smaller, lighter and with better sweetspot, many would prefer it even with a bit overprice.

You can measure you IPD with ruller and mirror.

Individual gaskets can make 3rd party accessory makers.
But individual lenses, only HMD manufacturer can do it (at least in near future).

For sure! -I am just wondering whether we’d be talking “a bit overprice”, or if we’d be talking several orders of magnitude higher manufacturing costs…

I believe each one-shot prototype Pimax commissions for R&D is very, very expensive, time-consuming, and laborious to make, and suspect the process by which those are made wouldn’t scale well to mass production. -Then again, we did see Apple shipping retail products with housings somewhat wastefully milled out of solid blocks of aluminium… :7

Haha, after looking myself I can’t find it either. Maybe I dreamed it. Sorry.

Better to do the looking before a post :grinning:

No sweat

Sometimes things are said in videos and can’t be traced. I’m pretty sure it will be a thing but I guess when BSB sales have caught up with pre orders they’ll relax the Apple thing and sell to order with a genetic gasket.

Or, as you said, you dreamed it. :grinning:

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