Suffer from balance when standing(irl) n walking in VR and/or VR sickness? I found a cure!

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Been looking for a decent way to do irl locomotion for VR (KAT Mini looks like what I want) because I want the extra immersion but also, whenever I have tried to stand up n play Skyrim, as soon as I move in game I lose all sense of balance irl and almost fall over making it not enjoyable and pretty unplayable, and I’ve tried a few times.

Anyway, I found out about Pocket Strafe which is an app for your phone which links to the game n ya have a phone in each pocket (1 is possible but doesn’t work as well I’ve read) and it lets you walk-in-place (basically standing still, pretending your walking but not actually moving forward, just lifting your legs up n down as if you were) and that tells the game to move you forward basically.

Not having my PC finished yet I thought I’d pseudo-test this out today with Skyrim on my PSVR by simply walking-in-place whenever I moved the thumb-stick to move and omfg! ZERO balance probs! Like it went completely, I felt totally fine! As soon as I stopped walking-in-place it instantly came back. Strafing still does it though but forward n back were fine!
So for anyone that has this balance/inner-ear weirdness I get I highly suggest trying it! :slight_smile:

Lastly, I have also heard that doing this completely stops you getting VR sickness too but I have no way to test that as I have never gotten VR sickness but it makes total sense that this would work.

Think about VR sickness in terms of car sickness (which is the same thing but in reverse). I get car sick if I don’t look out of the window and the reason is is because my body/inner-ear is telling me I’m moving but my eyes are telling me I’m not and VR sickness is the same but reversed, your eyes are telling you your moving but your body is telling you your not so by moving your body to correspond to what your seeing fixes it!
Or at least I’ve heard that it works for VR sickness but I can’t test myself hehe.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Interesting haven’t seen this one. Can test it out but probably not the best candidate as I can play seared games standing. :smirk:

@MarcoBalletta & others will likely find this neat. Marco I believe has a VRKat Minj. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yeah I’m part of this conv here:-

Theres a few I’ve mentioned on that page too :slight_smile:


I tried the katmini and thought it was really bad honestly I wouldn’t use it if someone gave it to me let alone pay over $2000. That was just my experience at an arcade in a couple games the omni was much better but still very expensive. I backed the Cybershoes so I am hoping they will work much better then the treadmills and are a lot cheaper around $200 if your willing to spend the money.

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what made it bad?


It just really didn’t work. The first game I played was one of my favorite vr shooters War Dust 32v32 and I couldn’t navigate the world fast enough. Maybe 1/4 of normal speed and found myself simply using the controllers for locomotion. I also played a zombie game that is supposed to be compatible with the katmini and could barely get anywhere it was exhausting and frustrating. The omni was much better maybe closer to 3/4 of normal speed and a lot more ergonomic and natural.@Sirius_blackheart

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